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Robert Pattinson Interview with USA Today   2 comments

Robert Pattinson interview with USA Today.

CANNES, France — Robert Pattinson has terrible, rotted teeth and is caked in dirt for his leading role in The Rover. The star could not be happier with the transformation after years of being a heart throb in the Twilight films.

“I am trying to eliminate any bit of vanity,” says Pattinson of his grimed up role. “I want to avoid any opportunity to pose (for the camera). Or whatever. Because if you get that opportunity to pose, you will probably take it.”

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New Robert Pattinson interview with Europe 1 (France)   1 comment


Cannes – The actor pursue his growth by stepping aside from the blockbusers. In attendance at Cannes for two movies in competition, he confided to Europe 1.

Portrait. Robert Pattinson is unrecognizable in his new roles. This year, the american actor known for his role in the Twilight saga is at Cannes with two movies in competition.
First, Maps to the Stars, the latest Cronenberg. In company with Julianna Moore, Robert Pattinson plays a limo driver whose dream is to become a scriptwriter.

The actor is also in The Rover by David Michôd, in which he plays a hunted criminal.

New direction. Robert Pattinson’s career has taken a new direction for the past two years. The actor played a young billionaire in Cosomoplis, already directed by David Cronenberg. A collaboration that revealed him to art films’ directors.

I’m open to everything”. “I don’t think I’ve really changed, I’ve just been lucky”, the actor confides to Europe 1’s mic. “It’s unbelievable what’s happening to me, it’s completely crazy”, the actor assures that he’s not shutting himself down from big production movies, or to a sequel to the Twilight saga. “I’m open to everything but I’m too old now. That being said, if Tarantino directs it, I’d have to say yes!”

Jacques Audiard. “I don’t chose the movies I make depending on money or affluence anymore and it makes me really happy,” Robert Pattinson continues that he would love to work with Jacques Audiard. A new direction that doesn’t keep teenagers from worshipping the actor. On Sunday, some waited for him for hours in front of his hotel where he was giving out interviews.

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Master Post: The Rover & Maps to the Stars at CANNES Film Festival   6 comments


Robert Pattinson is heading to Cannes for new movies ‘The Rover’ and ‘Maps to the Stars.’
Stay up to date with this master post which will feature links to all the latest posts.

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Review: Studio CineLive about Maps To The Stars   Leave a comment

Studio Cinelive magazine dedicates an interview to David Cronenberg. Moreover there are two articles about Maps To The Stars:

In short: it says Rob will show more than his pretty face, that Cronenberg is going back to his roots, the cast is pretty good and that Julianne’s performance is probably gonna be the best out of all her already amazing performances.

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‘NEW’ interview of Robert Pattinson with Teen Vogue: “The painfully handsome Mr. Robert Pattinson”   Leave a comment

DiorRob just started being promoted in the US, the article doesn’t really have ‘new’ info, but might be new to the US people and those who don’t think of Rob and constantly read up on everything about him 😉


Exclusive! Robert Pattinson Gives Us the Scoop on His Latest Campaign

Because there’s just something great about a guy who likes fragrance. (Especially when that guy is R.Patz).
Few male fragrances have managed to capture female attention quite like Dior Homme Eau for Men. Perhaps that’s because the scent—classically masculine according to perfume tradition—gives a couple nods to the ladies with notes like grapefruit and iris.

Or, perhaps more realistically, it has to do with its spokesman: The painfully handsome Mr. Robert Pattinson.

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in Numéro Magazine – France (with new photo in HQ!)   Leave a comment


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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson interview in ‘Vogue Turkey’   Leave a comment

*UPDATE* moved to the top because of added translation

(thanks to @DebbieDuroy – via a member of RPattinson fanpage)

With a little help from Google Translate, seems like this interview is a compilation of other Dior promo interviews we’ve read so far, but with a few new questions. There are 3 new questions.


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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in Elle Man – Canada   2 comments

The magazine Elle Man comes with Elle Canada – theinterview is the same as Elle France.


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*SCANS* Rob in Ativa Magazine – Portugal and Style Up Your Life – Austria   Leave a comment

Ativa Magazine Portugal:

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Robert Pattinson’s Interview in Sport & Style Magazine (France) and HQ Pictures   2 comments

Robert Pattinson’s interview in Sport & Style Magazine (France) and two pictures now in HQ.


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