What you’ve been waiting for – Premiere Magazine scans with full English Translation   84 comments

Here are the scans of Premiere Magazine! Translation was done by me. If there are any errors or typos I’m sorry, I’m sick, my spell-check in Word isn’t working and I was trying to get it up as quickly as possible for you guys.

“You wake up one morning and suddenly you’re a star”


Same as last time. The translation was done by me. Sorry for the watermark but I’m not taking chances any longer after what happened last time. I didn’t translate word for word so if you use it without sourcing I’ll know it’s my translation. Sorry I have to be so ruthless.   

Sixth role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 4 years ago, Robert Pattinson has become a walking phenomemon thanks to the Twilight Saga. For the vam(pire) or the best? (FP note: Pire in French means worst). Face-to-face interview with the hotest actor of the moment.





Top of page 58 “It has always surprised me that Edward was the “perfect man”. To me he’s a person filled with anger, it’s worries me a bit.” Robert Pattinson.







I’m not translating the last 2 pages as they are more about idols and how people see them than New Moon or Rob.


Source (For scans) thanks to auntapey for the tip!

84 responses to “What you’ve been waiting for – Premiere Magazine scans with full English Translation

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  1. Thanks for these! 🙂 Appreciate it very much! I think this “Rob fix” will last me a whole week! 😀

  2. Did you leave the page with the Edward & Bella still off on purpose because there’s nothing to translate, or just an oops? 🙂

  3. Really what I am waiting for is high res of all those pictures! 😉

  4. All those killer new pics, and they choose those two? Teases. Thanks for scanning & posting!

  5. Wow I can’t believe they only put two pics in the mag.

    I’m thinking this was done after Cannes, since he references it in the past. Obviously still while in France though, would be my guess, because of the language.

  6. Thanks for the translation 😉

    It’s amazing how smart, sensitive, humble and funny he is. How can one not love him!

  7. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I hope the media doesn’t steal from you again.

  8. Merci Beaucoup for sharing with us!

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  10. Just want to clarify, he says “mes amis” at the end . . . my friends, not my friend . . . wouldn’t want some other person using your translation to get the wrong idea . . . referring to his buddies from England, bien sur!

  11. Thank you so much!! Did you see the Breaking Dawn comment? I feel sorry for him! He’s so cute and real! That’s why he’s so big! haha Everyone love him for what he is and obviously because he’s extremely beautiful!

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  13. Thank you so much for this! Great way to start a dreary Monday.
    Ooh, so excited to hear Rob’s making NM Edward more ‘disturbing’ and dangerous. Can’t wait!

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  15. thank you….sooo much….you’re save my boring days….

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  17. You’re such a trooper for doing this while sick. Hope you feel better soon! We all really appreciate this!

  18. Thank you so much for the translation….but actually that intervew makes me feel really really sad about him.

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  20. This article is so good. But, the more I read of it, the sadder it makes me. 😦
    Thank you so much, FP for translating, even though you aren’t feeling well. ❤

  21. You are so swesome to do the translations for us! I can never thank you enough!

    And, Please feel better soon. You deserve rest for doing this for everyone. You are a true fan.

    Thank you!

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  23. You rock! Thanks for translating!

  24. You are a translating goddess. thank you.

    I think that Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore are hilarious.

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  26. What a suberb job!! Really awesome. So thrilled to read an interview by him that hasn’t been fabricated and pieced together by past interviews.

  27. HA! Charlie and Daniel are hilarious. Again i say, You’re the Queen!!

  28. You girl rock. Thank you so much for the translation, yo have done a terific work on this. I love it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  29. Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for the translation. XxOo

  30. Thanks a lot! Great job!
    Btw: “…leader being the classy Michael Sheen (The Queen)”… Hmh, I thought, he plays a volturi, sort of a “king”. LOL! 🙂 No, joke. I’ve got it: The Queen = movie.

  31. Thanks everyone.

  32. Okay now that the translation is done can I just say that this interview just about killed me? How sad is it? 😦

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  34. He sounds so hollow and void of emotions. Woah he just seems so self absorbed. What happened in Cannes happens to all celebs, I mean it’s Cannes where even a D-list star gets attention.
    I think someone needs to slap him so he can come back to earth, and why he should be paranoid about people hearing him talk does he really think he is that important?!
    This guy thinks he is the center of the universe and he isn’t even that great looking to begin with and acting completely sucks. By the looks of it also he has no close relationships with anybody (apart from his drink buddies) because all he ever mentions of them is forgetting they ever existed or not even remembering them.

    My suggestion, go take some real acting classes, you’re not Johnny Depp and go find that missing sensitivity chip. Lastly get your flat face out of your ass.

    • Just some thoughts in response to your points on

      -the mob he is referring to from Cannes was HUGE and was just at a restaurant, not a promotional event; NO other celeb there had that big a crowd outside of premieres

      Rob’s reason for paranoia;
      -at least 3 times this year parts of his conversations with friends at bars have been reported online (at major media sites, then spread via twitter and dozens of fansites) by members of the public that overheard him
      -a man whose life his director refers to as a ‘human crowd’ may…uh…have some reason to be wary

      And his social circle;
      (of which how much can be known, really? do you know him? All we know is what he chooses to tell media and pictures that happen to be taken)
      -a smaller group of older friends (his 10+ yearlong friendships are probably fairly close) is more meaningful to some than a large group of newer ones
      -the comment about the not remembering his friends was a joke (see the ‘laughs’ comment that followed)

      Otherwise I don’t know if taking the time to publicly insult the artistic abilities and face(?) of someone they don’t know = large sensitivity chip

      But I’m biased. I think Rob is one of the most down to earth public figures I am acquainted with, and has an admirable sense of self, rather than self-absorption (the same sense of self that makes him seem genuine in the first place). Many familiar with his interviews would agree. I’m really inspired by his ability to maintain that sense of self in the face of huge media/fan pressure to be someone else. Staying true to yourself is one of the hardest things to do even when you don’t have 1000s of people tracking you 24/7 on twitter and commenting on your every facial expression

      Anyway, thanks very much FP for the translations, they are much appreciated. Great to hear a real interview for once!

    • If I wasn’t so sick today you would probably be getting a longer response than this but this is all I can say right now. Try to walk a mile in his shoes.

    • Truthfully, let me ask you a question is, why are you losing your time reading an interview of an artist you despise so much? or even lose time commenting on it in a site dedicated to such artist? It seems to me there is a serious need in you to call attention, congratulation you got it. … and it is in such funny way, as you advice Robert to get acting classes, I would advice you to get a hobbie, you seem to be too bored in your life.

      Thanks a lot to the site, to upload scans and translation so quick.
      It was very good, he seems to have a sense of realism about his career, but proves to be still self-depreciating thinking the attention he has is only for Edward, I think that at this point there are several of us interested in watch all his features projects.

    • I cant believe you said he’s not that good looking. He is the best looking guy I have seen in years. Im sure there are a million girls that agree. You are jealous!!!
      He is gorgeous, to die for gorgeous, heart stopping gorgeous!!!!

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  41. with utmost sincerity, thank you, FP for translating the interview. wish i could send u some chocolates. go buy yourself something nice, have it wrapped, and sign the card tinkrbe1l3…that’s from me. and can i just say when bel ami comes out that might be the rob movie that does me in. rob + paris setting + sexiness = tink lights out…my tombstone can say “she died in ecstasy”

  42. Thank you so much for posting these scans, and for translation as well.
    As always, you guys are doing a great job!

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  50. GREAT! Now I have to buy the magazine. It’s a very detailed interview, worth keeping. The fact that the director read only the two first books, makes me worry, though. I know he’s good. He made Hugh Grant act the way he has NEVER acted before (well!) and is capable of transforming the book into an unforgettable movie. Can’t WAIT!

  51. Thank you so much for translating the article FP. You are an absolute legend.
    Hope you get better soon.

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  54. Thanks so much for your dedication to the site.

    I have always wondered what happened in Italy on that shoot. .Rob walking with his face down and the infamous umbrellas. Had no idea things were that bad.

  55. Merci Beaucoup ma cherie…

    Hope I did not murder that lovely language !

    Made me a believer
  56. OMC! thank you so much for the translations! haven’t read an interview of rob up to par with this in the longest time!! =D

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  59. Just a lil’ note – you say you’re concerned about ‘media’ nicking your work, but by posting scans and articles from mags you’re doing just that. Many good journalists are happy when fan sites reproduce their stuff as they see it as a return favour for the research resources provided by way of archived materials etc on the same sites. I have nothing to do with film media or Premiere myself but felt some balance was needed here. The copyright of stories usually belongs to the journalist and journalists are not paid as well as some of the films/TV shows would have you believe. Oh and we’re not all evil heartless monsters, either. Back to the darkside…

    • Also please note that Premiere is getting the credit for the article. I spent 5 hours translating it. People wouldn’t have gotten it in English right away if it wasn’t for my translation. Do I not have the right to ask to be sourced if people post my translation? If they don’t want to source than can they do their own translation?

    • Nobody stole the magazine articles. They quite clearly are getting full credit for their work. The problem is that FP worked VERY hard, while she was sick with the flu, to translate them for everyone. All she’s asking for is credit for the work of translation. Not the article itself.

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  62. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    wait another

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