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*Translation + UHQ scans* Full interview of Robert Pattinson with Vanity Fair Italy   5 comments



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*Scans & translation* Robert Pattinson in Dark Magazine – France   1 comment

Translation and rest of the scans after the jump!

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NEW Robert Pattinson Interview With Paris Match – Scans and Translation   14 comments

Here is a new interview Robert Pattinson did with Paris Match. The translation was done by us. The scans are from Le Rpattz Club. I only translated the part with Rob’s interview.


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New Robert Pattinson Interview With Glamour Magazine – Germany (Scans & Translation)   6 comments

Here’s a new Robert Pattinson interview with Germany’s Glamour Magazine. Scans and translation below.


Translation at the rest of the scans after the jump!

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Robert Pattinson and Eclipse in Premiere Magazine – France (Scans and Translation)   9 comments

Here are some scans of Robert Pattinson and Eclipse in Premiere Magazine. The translation was done by me.

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Robert Pattinson and Remember in Télé-Star Magazine – Scans and Translation   2 comments

Here are some scans as well as a translated interview of Robert Pattinson in France’s Télé-Star Magazine.

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Robert Pattinson in France's TéléLoisir – New Interview (With Translation)   Leave a comment

Here’s my translation of the interview for you guys.

Note: I’d take the album part with a grain of salt.


New York, in the living room of a large hotel. It’s not a teen idol that shows up in his leather jacket, but a discreet comedian that faces his career and idol status with a killer smile.

TL: Remember Me is your first movie since the Twilight Saga. Not too much pressure?

Rob: Now that the movie’s coming out, I’m starting to get nervous. I felt like doing a story based in reality. It’s not only a love story. The characters face loss, sorrow and life. It’s not an action movie that will take over the box office but it’s important to me.

TL: Regarding filming in New York, this summer was a bit crazy….

Rob: It was crazy! There were fans everywhere. Paparazzi would call out my name during scenes. The second assistant to the Director got angry. I thought it was going to be a small movie, filmed peacefully in the streets of New York (Laughs).

TL: Do you fully assume your superstar status?

Rob: I think when you’re in the spot light, the best solution is to keep the mystery going. Anyways, my public persona will not help my career. I’ve learned to go by unnoticed! It wasn’t easy but it paid off well. Therefore I don’t feel the need to rebel against the system.

TL: Like Tyler, your character who’s in full rebellion, where you a rebel as a teenager?

Rob: Not really. But I have to say that my parents were really understanding. When they realized that I wasn’t that invested in school my dad said: “Very well, stop your courses but you’ll have to find a job.”

TL: What are your other projects?

Rob: I play guitar and I hope to get an album out by the end of the year. I also started filming Bel Ami. I manipulate using love and sex intelligent actors such as Kristin Scott Thomas. It’s very odd! (Laughs).

Source for the scans.

Robert Pattinson in Cinema Magazine – Germany – Interview and Scans   Leave a comment

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Rob Pattinson in Brazilian Marie Claire   Leave a comment


Robert Pattinson: Impossible to Avoid, Impossible to dislike

By Mariane Morisawa (Translated by ViviLitt )

“New Moon”, the second part of the saga “Twilight”, hits theaters around the world on Friday (20). You may think: “Forget it, this is for teenagers”. But you will not be able to escape the wave that will sweep the planet. And I suspect – actually, I know – that a lot of women (in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s …) love the series written by Stephenie Meyer. Plus, they love Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays the vampire Edward Cullen.

I did not understand why so much confusion, until I watched, way later than most, the first film (about two months ago). As a movie, “Twilight” is really bad. Neither the special effects and makeup are good, something serious in a production about vampires. But it was easy to understand why the fever. Edward Cullen is a romantic vampire, without that extreme self-confidence that these beings often have. He falls for awkward teen Bella (the equally awkward Kristen Stewart). He really fears, however, not being able to resist his impulses and hurt her. Worse, he fears that she is hurt by any of the other vampires. The parallel between blood and sex is explicit here. But this makes him a dream lover of any teenager.

That’s not all. Everyone, especially those of males, may speak ill of Robert Pattinson. ‘He does not take a bath’. ‘He looks like a drunk’. The truth is, however, that it has been a long time, probably since Leonardo DiCaprio, that did not appear a guy with such a hearthrob vibe. And what’s wrong with that? The film industry needs it. Robert Pattinson sells. Hence the cover of Vanity Fair, a magazine that is far from being for teenagers. Hence the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the bible of the entertainment.

Intrigued, I began to look for and read the interviews of the 23 year old boy. And you know what? You cannot NOT like Robert Pattinson. First, let’s agree that the boy is a little young (certainly too young for my taste) but really handsome – take a look at the photoshoot made by Bruce Weber for Vanity Fair and disagree if you can.

Second, he exudes great sincerity and no arrogance, so typical of youngsters who start to be successful. On the contrary, he does not take himself seriously, making fun of himself. “It sounds silly, but in many ways my hair is 75% of my performance,” he told Entertainment Weekly that hit newsstands in the U.S. last Friday (13). Other than that, thinks that he is to blame, for not coping well with the harassment – that is so intense that he can not even leave the hotel room. “I’m not the kind of guy fit to be on a movie franchise. I don’t like crowds” he said to Vanity Fair.
And he seems to want to be a real actor. Such that he has chosen more alternative projects, like the western directed by actress Madeleine Stowe ( “Unbound Captives”) and a romantic drama with Emilie de Ravin ( “Remember Me”). For all that, you can say with ease that he has far more qualities that 90% of 23 years actors out there. So, leave the boy alone.

Thanks ROBsessed (original article here)

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Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair Italy-Scans and translation   4 comments


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