Robert Pattinson and Eclipse in Premiere Magazine – France (Scans and Translation)

Here are some scans of Robert Pattinson and Eclipse in Premiere Magazine. The translation was done by me.

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The Twilight Saga Eclipse Teaser

Twilight fans don’t have to wait: Jacob, Bella and Edward are (already) back. Eclipse, directed by David Slade, comes out on July 7th (Note from FP: This is a French magazine so this is the French release date).

When New Moon, the second installment in the Twilight Saga, came out last fall (bringing in the modest amount of 707 million dollars throughout the world), shooting for the third installment had already been completed. Might as well beat the vampire while it’s still cold.

Chris Weitz handed the torch over to David Slade, the Director of 30 Days of Nights and Hard Candy, who we didn’t necessarily see at the helm of the franchise.  “We met many Directors, explains the Producer Patrick Wachsberger. “David Slade had the ideal profile, on a special effects level as well as with his narrative talent. We have to remember that he revealed an amazing actress, Ellen Page, in Hard Candy. Eclipse will be a movie that is different from the previous ones. Bolder.”

The evil Victoria (now played by Bryce Dallas Howard) will creat a vampire army to get revenge on Edward and Bella, who are back together (and soon to be wed?). “During the promotion of the first movie, people had asked me to insist on the fact that guys would love it, remembers Pattinson. I always replied: “Guys will never love this. This is a girlie movie!” I don’t know if it’s because it’s was directed by a man, but I feel like the second installment will be more masculin. Which the presence of David Slade on the set of the third has only amplified.”

Ladies rest assured: The striking stare of Rob Pattz and Taylor Lautner’s six pack will be seen both equally.

Scan source: Gossip Dance