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Oprah Show Preview with Spanish Subtitles   1 comment

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Wallpaper with the New GQ Africa Picture   Leave a comment

Here is a new wallpaper with the new GQ Africa picture made by CSI_Kat

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New Wallpaper   1 comment

made by @Ornella25

New Pic of Robert Pattinson With Fans He Visited for The Oprah Show   2 comments

Here’s a new pic of Robert Pattinson with fans he visited for the Oprah show.

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New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob in Cannes   Leave a comment

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MTV: 'Twilight In Forks' EXCLUSIVE Clip: A Robert Pattinson Fan Gets Her Ultimate Wish   Leave a comment

Last week we hit you with the exciting news that the “Twilight in Forks” crew has a new iPhone/iPad app that will feature new video clips not included in their documentary, and today we are giving you a double whammy by announcing that, each week, we’re going to be doling out exclusive teases of their clips. Don’t worry, this type of thing has happened before.

It seems like every fan has some sort of emotional attachment to “Twilight” leading man Robert Pattinson, and this week’s video is about Tomoko Yuzawa, 20, from Bellevue, WA — this lucky fan had a physical interaction with the star back in the days when the “Twilight” film was still gaining popularity.

We won’t spoil the surprise, so check out the clip after the jump!

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Make sure you download the app so you can watch the whole video when it goes live soon!


'Twilight: Eclipse' soundtrack artists to be unveiled tomorrow on MySpace   2 comments

Last week, we learned that British rock lords Muse will return for a Twilight three-peat on the upcoming third soundtrack installment in as many movies for that obscure little book series (is it about werewolves? vampires? hobbits? We really can’t recall).

Anyhow, MySpace tells EW exclusively that they will unveil the full soundtrack roster for Twilight:Eclipse, beginning Wednesday, May 12, at 11am EST/8am PST … and continuing on for many hours, at the rate of one band reveal every half hour. (We will do our best to update you in real time here; you can also get the updates on Twitter via @MySpaceMusic).

Last chance to place the bets of your Twi-lives and tell us: Who will be keeping musical company with Muse by this time tomorrow?

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Wallpaper with the New 'GQ Africa' Picture   2 comments

Here is an awesome wallpaper with the new pic made by @Halvir09

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*New Pic* GQ Africa detagged and bigger   7 comments

Here’s the new scan detagged and made slightly bigger by @DreamySim1

Click to make bigger

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Robert Pattinson in GQ Africa *NEW PIC*   23 comments

Here are some new scans of Robert in GQ Africa with a NEW PIC!

Thank you Nadia!

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