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Joe Anderson (Alistair in Breaking Dawn Part 2) Mentions Robert Pattinson’s Creepy Fan Encounter   5 comments

A natural musician — he starred in the Beatles-based “Across the Universe” — Anderson worked on three projects in one year — “The River,” “The Grey” and “Breaking Dawn.”

And then? Then there’s “Breaking Dawn,” the last two parts of the “Twilight” saga. In the vampire drama, Anderson plays Alistair, a particularly complex vampire who intercedes for the Cullens. The actor read the books, saw the early films and “tried to absorb as much as I could” but knew he’d never be as savvy about the character as some of the popular books’ fans.

No sweat. “It’s nice to play against the grain of the film,” Anderson says. “He can do what he wants because he is who he is.”

The 29-year-old British-born actor, however, didn’t realize the devotion of “Twilight’s” fan base.

“I hadn’t even arrived at the motel and already there was fan mail. They figured out where I was going to be — and I didn’t even know. But every one of those letters was so genuine and so sweet.”

The creepy stuff? That was saved for other actors. “A woman was standing outside the Sutton Place in Vancouver with a pair of scissors. She had flown from England to cut some of Robert Pattinson’s hair for a doll.”

“Breaking Dawn, Part II” (slated for release in the fall) came with such high financial stakes “tension was ripe,” Anderson says. “There’s not a lot of rehearsal. So before a scene with Kristen (Stewart) I had to gun up the character from the trailer to the stage. It’s the first time you see this guy come to life. But until you get the gear on, you’re not quite sure what he’s going to be.”

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Cute Fan Encounter with Robert Pattinons at the Breaking Dawn Premiere in Berlin   Leave a comment

From NewmoonVampire1:

Let me tell you about the best day of my life 🙂 – it was in Berlin on the red carpet for the Breaking Dawn event. We started in Cologne at 11pm and I drove with two friends (met in a Twilight forum) – we drove 7 hours to Berlin, arriving at 7am and we found a good place on the red carpet 🙂 direct in front of the entrance to the cinema. it was all so exciting to meet other twihards and all the stories of where they came from. We spent the day making a poster for Rob and Tay (especially for Rob my love) – and then finally at 7:00pm they arrived on the carpet!!!! it was the best feeling ever… =)) – they gave so many signatures and had time for all the fans out there. I was totally surprised that they made it. And finally Rob stands in front of me – the best moment in my whole life!!!!!

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Cute Fan Encounter from Comic Con   6 comments

This fan encounter from Comic Con comes from @RPfangirlJR who was there with her daughters the youngest of which is 6 years old and was able to ask Rob a question during the panel. You can read the entire article on her blog here
So, here she is…
You can call her Team Rob.
She is a BIG admirer of Robert Pattinson.

This is her story…
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Fan Encounter with Robert Pattinson on the set of ‘Cosmopolis’   2 comments

Here is @Stefter/Robdays encounter with Robert Pattinson on the Cosmopolis movie set (June 1st).

You can see her pictures of Rob HERE

“We arrived there at about 6 and there were only about 10 of us there, including a friend of ours that went with us to the set on Sunday.  Half-hour later, Rob’s car arrived and into the trailer he went.  It then became a waiting game.

As the hours passed, we were pretty much losing hope of him signing anything because the group kept growing larger and larger.  At one point, there were about 50 or 60 people there.  All we (Sandy, Debi and myself) kept hoping was that he’d do the same thing he had done the night before.  Just past 10:30 pm, Rob came out of his trailer and was whisked away from us.

By that time, I had convinced myself that I would be content to just have that last glimpse of him as he got into the car.  The fact that he was still in his Eric Packer clothes gave us hope.  Once he left in the car practically everyone left, leaving about 8 of us.  Once again, Sandy came through.  She grabbed my car keys and drove down to the set just to confirm whether or not they were in fact still filming.  She came back with some Muffins and water (as we had not eaten) and confirmed that the Pretty was on set.  We hoped that this shoot would not go on until the wee hours of the morning.

Half hour later our persistence paid off!!! He came back and into the trailer he went, at which point Dean came to us and told us he would sign our stuff but no pics.  We were all just fine with that.  Minutes later, he came out of the trailer in his street clothes (and don’t go hating on the red pants, they were fucking sexy on him).  We lined up like good little school girls and one by one he signed for everyone.  He asked everyone for their names and signed everything.

He laughs so easily and really is incredibly nice to everyone, not to mention how beautiful he really is.  Pics DO NOT do him justice.


My exchange went like this:

Rob:  What’s your name?

Teresa:  Teresa.

R:  Is that with an ‘H’ or just a ‘T’?

T:  Without the ‘H,’ thanks for asking.  Thank you.

R:  No problem.

Needless to say, my AnOther Man magazine and my Sharpie pen will be enshrined.  I’m so glad I stuck it out and I’m still smiling.  I think I’ll be smiling forever! “

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

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*NEW* fanpics and encounter with Robert Pattinson from WFE premiere UK   2 comments

See the rest of the pictures and read the fan encounter after the jump!

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Fan encounter with Robert Pattinson (& Bear & Dean) on the Cosmopolis set (new story to old pic)   Leave a comment

We posted this picture before Here:

Now here’s the story to the picture:

As soon as I walked by 2 trailers I noticed Rob (with Strict Dean of course lol) walking out of one with his dog, Bear. It was really adorable -watching the two of them playing together. About a minute later I then noticed him starting to walk back to his trailer, which was when I walked over and introduced myself. We all shook hands and he said it was nice to meet me and my friends. He was so sweet and very courteous to us even though he did look a bit tired. We asked him for a quick picture and he said “sure!” My friend asked him how he was liking his stay in Toronto and he said “its been great!” We took our pictures, thanked him, he waved goodbye to us and he was on his way. ‘Twas a very quick but lucky meeting.

Read the entire fan encounter HERE

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Pics and Fan Encounter Report From Fan That Won the Meet and Greet in London   2 comments

Here’s the report from a fan who had the chance to meet Rob during a meet and greet in London. 

I won a meet and greet competition with MTV UK not the Graham Norton show (I had tickets for the graham norton show). My prize was accommodation at the HIlton in Kensington with private transport arranged to get me to a 5* hotel in Mayfair to meet Robert Pattinson personally. It was a group photo only due to time constraints but I stood next to Rob and spoke with him briefly afterwards. He asked me if I was going to the premiere and after I told him I had seen the movie, he asked me what i thought of it. I told him I thought it was brilliant and that he was amazing in it. My friend and i were able to give Rob a birthday gift of an autographed Van Morrison CD of Brown Eyed girl and a birthday card which he was overhwhelmed to receive. He said “wow, that’s absolutely amazing, thank you so much” and gave my friend Jackie the best hug. After the meet and greet we dashed off across London to be in the audience at the filming of the Graham Norton show, where we had the joy of watching Rob on the stage before our eyes for over an hour. What a day!

See the rest of the pics after the jump! 

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New/Old Fan Picture of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s a new fan picture with Rob

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New/Old Fan Pictures with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

“That’s Rob circa 2005. He (and the ‘Harry Potter’ cast) were in NYC for the ‘Goblet of Fire’ premiere in November and Rob played an Open Mic Night at a bar uptown. He was amazing! After the show, he and his friends just hung out. He asked me questions about myself and what it was like to live in the city…”
–Emily A. Vail

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New/Old Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson at London’s ‘New Moon’ Fan Event + Fan Encounter   2 comments

Fan account from Anissa

Rob is a sweetheart! He signed my book but another girl had hers on top of mine so I kinda had half of the famous “R” and I asked him if he could do it again. But there was so much noise I had to call after him and I touched his arm for him to turn his head. When he did I said I was sorry but I would like him to sign my book again and when he realized he didn’t really signed mine 30 seconds earlier he started to touch his hair and kept apologizing (I swear it was like I told him he killed my cat) So I told him it was ok, that with all the madness. He smiled at me and I almost died lol. He is so dreamy!

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