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“That’s Rob circa 2005. He (and the ‘Harry Potter’ cast) were in NYC for the ‘Goblet of Fire’ premiere in November and Rob played an Open Mic Night at a bar uptown. He was amazing! After the show, he and his friends just hung out. He asked me questions about myself and what it was like to live in the city…”
–Emily A. Vail

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“…He was totally cool and down-to-earth, funny and pretty silly (as seen in this photo), quite huggy and a little flirty, which I totally didn’t mind. All in all, it was an extremely memorable night with a great group of people.”
–Emily A. Vail (with friends Sarah and Tiana)

“I met Rob during the world promotion of ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ in Paris. Some friends and I met him just before he took a plane to London… There were less than 20 of us and he signed autographs and took pictures with every single person and ended up staying with us more than 20 minutes. We were very quiet, waiting our turn without screaming and pushing. It was one of the best encounters I’ve ever had with a celebrity… Really, Rob is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and the funniest too.”
–Aurelie Caytan

I met Robert Pattinson at the ‘Today Show’ in 2009. He waltzed over to us with his smoldering look and said hi to us, and my friend and I even got to speak to him on live television about our ‘Pocket Edward’ doll! It was definitely a day to remember.”
–Devon Kohler

“I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Pattinson in March 2010 when he came to NYC to promote ‘Remember Me’ on the ‘Today Show.’ Standing in the courtyard with my friends anxiously waiting to see if he would come over to us was a thrilling experience. That was such a fun and exciting day. Meeting him was a fan’s dream come true.”

“I stumbled upon Rob while bar-hopping in the Lower East Side (in NYC) in July 2009 when he was filming ‘Remember Me.’ He graciously agreed to pose and put his arm around me. Sigh.”
–Kimberly Kandros

“At the ‘Remember Me’ premiere, I was lucky and had the chance to ask Rob for a picture. He complied and was sweet as ever, even asking other fans to stop throwing their books over my head!”
–Jeanette Zeneli

“I meet Rob in London last September at a Marcus Foster gig. He was out with friends. He was so nice and took the time to ask my name and sign an autograph. When he went out, Ii asked for a photo and he said sure. It was a dream come true to meet him and he was everything you would think — he is so lovely.”
–Karen Brown

“I went to the ‘Eclipse’ premiere in L.A. with my mom and, after repositioning myself in the mob of fans, I found myself up front with my autograph book, speechless and face to face with Robert Pattinson, who smiled and graciously signed. I quickly flipped the page like my mom had told me to do so I would be ready for the next star I met, but he was still there taking his time. Before he left and before I could speak, he saw my empty page, looked a little puzzled like he thought he had gotten that one, smiled and signed again. I am the little blond on the left in the photo with the shiny headband. The photo is the best I could do without climbing on the cement barrier in my dress… There are no words…”
–Rachel Bakker

“I was walking down the street in Los Angeles with my family and saw that someone was surrounded by paparazzi, so I stopped to see. It was him! It was Robert Pattinson! The first thing that came to my mind was that I have to take a picture with him!… When I asked, he said, ‘Of course! Why not?’ That day was great — it was shortly before the premiere of ‘Twilight’ in 2008. And it was memorable.
–Alex Solis

“I met Robert Pattinson at the premiere of ‘Eclipse’ in L.A. He was very sweet and very attentive to all of us fans. My friends and I camped for five days only to see him. When I saw him I fell silent and said nothing – I was in shock! He is too beautiful to put into words. I just saw Rob for one minute, but it’s the best minute of my life.”
–Lic. Carolina Madeira Galindo Salinas

“When I met Robert Pattinson, it was one on the best day of my life. It was just amazing. I’m so lucky because I won a radio contest to meet him! I spent only 10 minutes with him, just enough time to tell him that he’s so beautiful and great and it’s a pleasure to meet him. :)”
–Aurelie Malka

“I got to meet RPattz when he did his interview on ‘Live! With Regis & Kelly’ in Nov. 2009. I won tickets to the show and got to sit in the front row! When the show went to commercial break he came up right to me. He said hi and shook my hand. He was so nice and he took a picture with me. Through the whole break he stood by me… It was a day to remember and I hope one day I get to meet him again.”
–Elise Palazzo

“It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson had a lot of crazy fan encounters while he was filming ‘Remember Me’ in New York, but, aside from this picture being taken at around 5 a.m. in Little Italy, it was pretty tame. He wished my friend happy birthday and took a few pictures, but he didn’t say much otherwise because he had been filming all night and was clearly exhausted.”
–Lauren Cox

“I met Rob at St. Stephen’s Church, Shepherd’s Bush, at a Marcus Foster gig with my friend. Rob arrived in the church just before Marcus was due to play and he stood at the back with a group of his friends. Soon after, he made time to speak to some other fans and my friend and I went over and chatted briefly with him… Later he was outside having a cigarette and I was outside on my mobile phone also. Another fan was having a photo taken with him and he kindly and very generously agreed to have a photo with me and my friend. He was incredibly polite and gracious and quietly spoken. He didn’t want to distract others from enjoying the gig and kept a low profile. He stayed for the rest of the evening enjoying the music and the company of his friends undisturbed and very relaxed. Such a great guy, humble and down-to-earth. A night I’ll never forget.”
–Lynne Edmunds

“During the New Moon Fan Event in London, a paparazzi took a picture of Rob which I just so happened to be featured in. (the girl in the pink coat) Which made my friends and I laugh!”
–Jeanette Zeneli

“I jumped on a bus from Tucson, Ariz., last summer on a whim to try to make it to ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ premiere in Los Angeles… After days of camping, barely showering and 5 a.m. wake up calls, I made it to the red carpet and met Robert Pattinson! Even though swarms of girls were screaming his name and his handlers were telling him he needed to move to the press pit areas, he still managed to give me an autograph and this lovely, most crazy, never-thought-it-would-happen-in-a-million-years opportunity of taking a picture with him :). When he spoke to me, I died and went straight to heaven, then, of course, came back just in time to say cheese!”
–Taylor Valadez

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