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Water for Elephants Stills Now in UHQ   1 comment

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*NEW* Scenes in New Swedish Water for Elephants Trailer   4 comments

Here’s the Swedish Water for Elephants trailer which features new scenes.

Robert Pattinson’s Full Interview With Elle US   2 comments

ELLE: How great a novel is Bel Ami?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Amazing. One of my favorites. The script was really good too; Duroy has kind of changed a little bit.

He’s so cynical in the book, but now he’s so convinced that he knows everything and that he’s been wronged, that he ends up being very earnest. He realizes that the whole world he lives in is based on a lie; it angers him so much that he basically wants to burn the whole thing down…and in trying to enjoy everything, he becomes what he hates most: a pompous little shit.

ELLE: Was it fun playing a ladies’ man instead of a celibate?

RP: Completely. I thought it was funny as well—Twilight having quite a bit of a female audience—to play a guy who basically screws women out of money. I like the fact that you never hear of a movie where the bad guy stabs every single person in the back and then wins.

ELLE: So you relished playing a sleazy journalist?

RP: I like the section where he gets a job as a gossip writer and in a completely banal way just makes stuff up—uses the same story and changes the names. I think that still is very, very true.

ELLE: It was once reported that you were pregnant.

RP: Yeah, a couple years ago. That was true, though.

ELLE: Any other odd encounters with the media recently?

RP: A bunch of paparazzi were following me, and I thought the best way to deal with it was to stop my car in the middle of the street and say, “I’m not leaving, and I’m not going to speak to you anymore.” They got all pissed off because they can’t just keep taking the same picture. We were in Venice by the boardwalk, and they kept trying to get all these drug dealers to come up to the car. I was just like, Oh my God, this is insane.


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More Pics of Robert Pattinson and Tai From the Water for Elephants Press Conference   2 comments

Here are more pics of Robert Pattinson and Tai from the Water for Elephants Press Conference.

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Robert Pattinson To Be on Jimmy Kimmel on April 20th   3 comments

Robert Pattinson will be on Jimmy Kimmel on April 20th. Click here to get tickets.

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FilmActu.Com Reviews Water for Elephants   Leave a comment

From :

Good news for fans of romantic movies, Water for Elephants respects the rules of the genre perfectly. A simple hero, a femme fatale trapped with a tyrannical husband, an impossible love… all the ingredients are there to make this new film directed by Francis Lawrence a success, especially due to its dream cast. Water for Elephants is a suprising turn for the director of Constantine and I Am Legend. The fears about his unfamiliarity with the romantic genre were understandable but in this movie he quickly proves that he has understood the expectations of his new audience.

Water for Elephants proportions perfectly the ingredients needed to make a traditional romantic movie without adding too much sweetness into the mix. However, one could be put off by the opening: an old man telling his story, narrating it as a voice-over – the opening is in fact the only bad thing about the film. Once the film takes us into the past of the hero, Jacob (Robert Pattinson) the story shifts without difficulty into a well constructed classic scenario based not only on romantic issues but also on the nomad universe in which the characters evolve. A universe that Lawrence chose to convey not through the prism of baroque fantasy or dreams but with realism, with all the social misery that the period of the Great Depression entailed. The metaphorical dimension of the train whose employees have become useless is inescapable. This is the context in which Robert Pattinson plays the archetypal character of an educated young man turned outcast following the death of his parents who becomes a foreigner in his own world and decides to abandon it. As you might expect, he falls in love with Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), the wife of August (Christoph Waltz), the violent and unstable boss.

With ambitious art direction, the charm of Water for Elephants obviously also rests on its cast: Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon form a very cute couple on screen. Getting away from Twilight and recently seen in Remember Me, Robert Pattinson proves in this film that his talent is not limited to portraying handsome hunks and makes a very endearing Jacob, armed with his boyish smile. However Francis Lawrence sometimes misses opportunities for sensuality in the scenes between the hero and his partner. The filmmaker manages to raise tensions at the height of the love triangle, with Christoph Waltz excelling in the role of the powerful psychopath who is both terrifying and unpredictable. This is done differently to the style of Tarantino. Yet, emotions are truly heightened through the character of Rosie the elephant who will become the object of a power struggle both within the circus and in Marlena’s heart. Animal lovers, this film is for you.

So yes, with its familiar themes and melodramatic moments (which are tastefully done and not too pronounced), this new Francis Lawrence creation is one of those romantic movies that will quickly find its way into people’s hearts. It demonstrates that classicism in a movie is not always a drawback. Water for Elephants is like one of those candies that, provided it is not eaten too often, can bring the most wonderful dream to life.


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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson interview in Miradas Magazine – Argentina   2 comments

Here are scans from a Robert Pattinson interview with the Argentinian Miradas magazine

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Water for Elephants in Cineworld Magazine   Leave a comment

Here are some Water for Elephants screencaps from the Cineworld Magazine

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*VIDEO* Uma Thurman talks about Bel Ami   Leave a comment

Uma Thurman mentions Bel Ami in an interview. Starts at 4:45

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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New Robert Pattinson & Tai Wallpapers   2 comments

Here’s a new Robert Pattinson and Tai wallpaper made by slowie

and here’s a great one by Jules

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