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More pictures of Robert Pattinson at the WFE Press Conference – UHQ/Untagged   Leave a comment

A few of these were posted before but are now in UHQ.


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Robert Pattinson one of People’s ‘Most Beautiful of 2011- 25 Beauties and (Hotties) at 25’   Leave a comment

While Twi-hards can’t get enough of Pattinson – or his waxen face – the British star who’s played vampire Edward Cullen since 2008 is done with the look of the undead. “I’m so sick of my own pallid, gray complexion,” he’s said. “Having that makeup put on every single day, as soon as you get it taken off, it’s like, ‘Oh, you do look normal. You look healthy now.'”

Who will be PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful cover star this year? Check on April 13 to see the reveal

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*VIDEO* IBN Live Interview with Robert Pattinson – Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon talk about Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon talk about Robert Pattinson

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New Water for Elephants wallpaper   3 comments

Here’s a new Water for Elephants wallpaper, featuring Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon by @DreamySim1 | Click to make bigger