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First Official Still in HQ of Robert Pattinson on The Ellen Show   5 comments

Is Robert Pattinson shy? The ‘Twilight’ star offers fans everywhere a glimpse into his mind on Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
On the program, Ellen comments that Rob seems more at ease acting than chatting on a talk show, and she says she thinks he might be shy.
“I just like doing things where you have a little time to think about what you’re saying,” Rob replies. “I’ve always had a problem actually thinking before I open my mouth.”
“Being spontaneous?” Ellen asks.
“Yeah, being spontaneous or just thinking. I have a problem with thinking… Thinking in real time,” he explains.
Catch Rob thinking about romancing Kristen Stewart’s gorgeous Bella in ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’ in theaters June 30.

KstewRobFans via RPLife

HQ picture via JustJared

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New wallpapers Grungy Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here are two wallpapers made by @DreamySim1

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Gossip Cop: Inside Details from Robert Pattinson Visit to “Ellen”   Leave a comment

Everyone’s favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson, returned to “Ellen” this afternoon to tape an appearance that will air tomorrow.

Gossip Cop has learned some of the visit’s highlights from a source in the studio:

*** An audience member was blindfolded and instructed to “feel up” three guys to guess which one was Pattinson. She got it wrong.

*** Pattinson told the host he begins shooting Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon on Thursday.

*** He jokingly told DeGeneres he got a haircut because he had “nits.” She told him that Americans call them “lice.”

*** Also in jest: Pattinson said People magazine got it wrong — he’s more beautiful than Julia Roberts.

*** Will Smith gave Pattinson advice about presenting at the Oscars: “Don’t try and be funny.” Wait until you’ve done it 6 times.

Gossip Cop

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Screencaps of Robert Pattinson Recording The Ellen Show   4 comments

Here are some screencaps of Rob recording The Ellen Show. We’ll be adding more as we make them.

See more after the jump!

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De-tagged New Eclipse Poster and Black & White Version   1 comment

I de-tagged the new Eclipse poster for you guys and made a black & white version as well.

See the black & white after the jump!

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New Wallpaper   1 comment

Here is a new wallpaper with pictures from Cannes made by @MissAmyJoon

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Remember Me to Be Released on June 22nd   2 comments

Just over a week before “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” hits theaters, Robert Pattinson‘s romantic drama, “Remember Me,” arrives on DVD and Blu-ray June 22. Both discs will feature audio commentaries with RPattz, as well other castmembers and the filmmakers.

Co-starring Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper, “Remember Me” tells the story of Tyler (Pattinson) and Ally (de Ravin), two young New Yorkers who meet and fall in love in the summer of 2001.

“I never really played a normal guy before, and it was just that,” Pattinson told us about the role in March. “It was just a really solid story, and I had never really done that.”

He first encountered the script shortly after finishing “Twilight” and ended up shooting the film in between production on “New Moon” and “Eclipse.” Filmmakers had been unsuccessfully trying to cast the role of Ally when de Ravin came in to audition.

“I read the script three weeks before they started shooting,” she told us. “I flew to New York to test with Rob, and we immediately got along and had instant, great chemistry, which is not an easy thing to come by. Obviously, you’re acting, but you want to have that connection with somebody. We had it. And I was thrown into a wardrobe fitting that same day.”

Released in the U.S. in March, “Remember Me” grossed $46.9 million worldwide. The Blu-ray will sell for $34.99, while the DVD is priced at $26.99. Starting June 15, fans can download a redeemable coupon for $8 off their purchase. Summit is also packaging the discs with an offer for a free movie poster of Pattinson that is redeemable by mail.

You can pre-order your DVD here or your Blu-Ray here.

Source: MTV

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Elizabeth Reaser Talks About the 'Eclipse' Tent Scene   1 comment

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Elizabeth Reaser might play Edward’s adopted vampire mom, Esme Cullen, in “Twilight,” but that doesn’t mean she can’t find the “Eclipse” tent scene to be one really sexy moment. If Twi-Hards thought it was hot in the book, Reaser said, then they really need to see the flick, out June 30.

“The tent scene, I remember that being one of the hottest scenes in the books, so I’m excited to see that,” Reaser said when she stopped by the MTV News offices Tuesday (May 18). “I’m Team Edward, so I can’t relate to [Bella] being torn [between Edward and Jacob], but I mean, come on, vampires are cool! Wolves are super hairy and they smell disgusting, like dogs.”

Reaser said the tent scene ups the sexual ante in the “Twilight Saga.” “The tent scene is sort of a three-way — I mean, it’s a chaste three-way, but it is, nonetheless, a three-way,” she said. “So I do think that ups the sexiness factor in this movie, but I don’t know. The first movie, I thought, was intensely sexy, because they couldn’t touch, and to watch them fall in love was so sexy. And I love that, in the books, they all have great chemistry. So it’s fun to watch.”

Regardless of how chaste the tent scene is, Reaser understands that Twilighters are anticipating it. “I have no realistic idea of what excites people. I’m always surprised,” she said of what fans are looking forward to. “If I were a fan? I’m starting to sound like a sicko, but I would say the tent scene. I mentioned it like five times now. It’s getting weird. That’s my son! I’m happy we’re not really related, so it’s not that weird.

“I’m excited to see the action, like running through the forest,” she added. “I was running on the back of the truck at 30 miles per hour, so I’m excited to see that.”

Source via RPLife

New 'Eclipse' Clip Shown on Ellen Today   1 comment


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New Eclipse Poster With Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner!   1 comment

Here’s a new Eclipse poster featuring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Twilight Facebook