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Eclipse Official Wallpapers   5 comments

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New Twitter BG and Wallpaper   Leave a comment

Here is a Twitter background and a wallpaper made by @MyRobAddiction

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New Edward Twitter Background   Leave a comment

Here’s a new Edward Twitter background made by_iwry_ to check the Bella one click here.

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Edward Pictures from the Eclipse Promo Shoot   3 comments

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You can see the rest of the cast here

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New/Old Pictures of Rob with a Fans in Paris   1 comment

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New Bel Ami Wallpaper with the New Still   Leave a comment

Here is a new wallpaper with the new Bel Ami still made by @candyKizzes24

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ClevverTV Video: Robert Pattinson & Taylor Swift Among Time Magazine's Most Influential   2 comments


Italian Eclipse HQ Trailer   Leave a comment

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Bel Ami Wallpaper with new still   Leave a comment

Here’s a new wallpaper made by @DreamySim1 with the new still
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Remember Me Brings in 51.4 Million Dollars at The Box Office   9 comments

Remember Me has brought in 51.4 million dollars so far at the box office according to Box Office Mojo. Remember Me has a domestic total of  19,019,000$ and a foreign total of 32, 379,153$ for a grand total of 51,398,153$. Looking at the information below you’ll see that the foreign number differs slightly as the totals have not all been added up. I added up the numbers from this page here to get the foreign number total. We are so happy that Remember has brought in this much so far, but we’re hoping that the DVD and Blu-Ray sales will bring the total to a much higher number.

If you’re still lucky enough to have Remember Me still playing in a theatre near you don’t hesitate to go see it again. As for me, I’ll have to patiently wait for my DVD to watch it again. It’s such a great heartfelt movie.

This movie is truly important as it’s Rob’s first movie outside of the Twilight Saga, since the Saga was released. It proves to the rest of the world what us fans knew all along, that Rob is a great actor and can play a vast range of emotions. As someone who has had to live with the death of a loved one by suicide I can assure you that Rob truly portrayed what it’s like to lose someone in such a fashion.

If you want to pre-order Remember on DVD click here and for Blu-Ray click here.

Remember Me will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 22nd and includes an audio commentary by  Rob.

Source for box office numbers: Box Office Mojo

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