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HQ pictures of Robert Pattinson at the GQ ‘Men of the Year’ dinner   Leave a comment

HQ pictures of Robert Pattinson at the GQ ‘Men of the Year’ dinner


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Robert Pattinson one of GQ’s 50 Best-Dressed Men in Britain   Leave a comment


From GQ

23. Robert Pattinson

“We love his style because he is willing to experiment and have fun with clothes.” Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, designers, Kenzo.
GQ says: From teenage heart-throb to seriously respected actor, Britain’s most bankable star has never lost his flawless sense of fashion.

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Vote for Robert Pattinson as GQ’s Best Dressed 2014   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson is nominated for GQ’s Best Dressed 2014

Robert Pattinson


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Robert Pattinson on GQ’s ‘The 25 Most Stylish Men of 2012’   3 comments


6. Rob Pattinson Pattinson’s year was spent crisscrossing the globe in promotion of three flicks, giving the actor plenty of opportunities to break out his preferred Gucci suits, which he did in rapid, colorfulsuccession. But it’s not just tonal suit and shirt pairings the now former vampire got right; his grunge 2.0 getups have us wondering how much flannel we’ll see on the Fall ’13 runways.

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Vote for Robert Pattinson as’s Best Dressed 2013   1 comment

Vote for Robert Pattinson as’s Best Dressed 2013

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GQ Magazine

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David Cronenberg talks about Robert Pattinson with GQ and Film4   Leave a comment

From GQ:

Do you think Eric Packer is the most stylish character you’ve ever created?
Actually, I think Dr Jung in A Dangerous Method was pretty darn stylish. There is a contemporary quality to Eric that is certainly timely and cutting-edge in that sense. On the other hand, he’s a guy who, like a lot of the financiers that we read about now, the “London Whale” being one of them, really want to be anonymous. They don’t want to cut a great figure in the public eye. Part of their power as investors is anonymity and so although Eric Packer does have a bodyguard in this movie, the bodyguard is there to protect his life, not keep the fans away.

What’s been your worst date?
I never really dated. The thing is I’ve been married for about 37 years and it’s kind of a strange thing because I’ve never done this tradition of dating and pick-up lines. Somebody in Berlin said, “What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?” I said, “I’ve never given one, at least not consciously”. Rob said his answer for that is “I would look good in your clothes”. I thought that was a pretty good one.

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NEW Robert Pattinson interview with GQ UK – Talks Gucci, Toothpicks, Having His Name On A Song   Leave a comment

GQ&A: Robert Pattinson on hip-hop, sex scenes and why everyone needs to wear Gucci

Within moments of meeting Robert Pattinson, learns a valuable lesson: you simply can’t compete with Twilight fans. Having previously expressed his admiration for Martin Amis in an interview, it was decided we should present everyone’s favourite server-crashing undead heartthrob with a copy of the new Amis novel Lionel Asbo. Sadly one literary-minded Edward Cullen devotee has trumped our gift. “I got given a first-edition signed copy of Money by a Twilight fan in Germany yesterday,” reveals Pattinson. “She was trying to tell me that she found it in Massachusetts while we were surrounded by all these people screaming.” Pattinson stars in David Cronenberg’s striking and strange new film Cosmopolis, out this week, which sees him as an otherworldly billionaire sating his carnal, financial and intellectual desires riding through town in the back of a limousine in search of a haircut. After some preliminaries (when presented with the latest edition of GQ  he cries out “Andrew’s wearing my suit!“), he talks about his hip-hop moment of glory, the worst haircut he’s ever had and what he’s learned from working with Frida Giannini at Gucci…

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