Robert Pattinson in France's TéléLoisir – New Interview (With Translation)   Leave a comment

Here’s my translation of the interview for you guys.

Note: I’d take the album part with a grain of salt.


New York, in the living room of a large hotel. It’s not a teen idol that shows up in his leather jacket, but a discreet comedian that faces his career and idol status with a killer smile.

TL: Remember Me is your first movie since the Twilight Saga. Not too much pressure?

Rob: Now that the movie’s coming out, I’m starting to get nervous. I felt like doing a story based in reality. It’s not only a love story. The characters face loss, sorrow and life. It’s not an action movie that will take over the box office but it’s important to me.

TL: Regarding filming in New York, this summer was a bit crazy….

Rob: It was crazy! There were fans everywhere. Paparazzi would call out my name during scenes. The second assistant to the Director got angry. I thought it was going to be a small movie, filmed peacefully in the streets of New York (Laughs).

TL: Do you fully assume your superstar status?

Rob: I think when you’re in the spot light, the best solution is to keep the mystery going. Anyways, my public persona will not help my career. I’ve learned to go by unnoticed! It wasn’t easy but it paid off well. Therefore I don’t feel the need to rebel against the system.

TL: Like Tyler, your character who’s in full rebellion, where you a rebel as a teenager?

Rob: Not really. But I have to say that my parents were really understanding. When they realized that I wasn’t that invested in school my dad said: “Very well, stop your courses but you’ll have to find a job.”

TL: What are your other projects?

Rob: I play guitar and I hope to get an album out by the end of the year. I also started filming Bel Ami. I manipulate using love and sex intelligent actors such as Kristin Scott Thomas. It’s very odd! (Laughs).

Source for the scans.

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