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New Moon DVD – Brazilian Special Edition   5 comments

The DVD will be available on June, 23rd

According to Jornal do Video em Casa

There are 4 different sets:


*DVD – 1 Disc [Without Extras]

*DVD – 2 Discs [3D Cover]

*DVD – 2 Discs – Special Cover + 4 official cards of New Moon + 1 Eclipse Movie Ticket + 1 Eclipse mini poster + 1 Eclipse shirt

Extras from the DVD:

Disco 1:

Audio Commentary and Eclipse Preview

Disco 2:

Documentary – 6 parts

Music Videos: Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, Mutemath
Behind The Scenes of Muse’s music video

Source via RPLife

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Available For Pre-Order: “Eclipse” (Paperback) Featuring Bella, Edward & Jacob On The Cover   6 comments

New version of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” (paperback) featuring Bella, Edward & Jacob on the cover is now available for pre-oder at here.

(Release date is set for May 25th 2010)

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New Eclipse Promo Picture From Sanson Ice Cream   8 comments

Here’s a new Eclipse Promo picture from Sanson Ice Cream which features Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

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luxertola via kstewartfans via RP Life

Video: 'Eclipse' Spoofs & Rob's Pre-Production Projects   5 comments

In ReelzChannel’s latest Twilight Tidbit, they talk about ‘The Host’ casting rumours, popular ‘Eclipse’ trailer spoofs, and upcoming projects for Twilight cast members– including Rob’s Water for Elephants (at the 1:45 mark)!{font-family:Arial;font-size:11px;padding:5px;width:470px;background:#585858;border-top:1px solid #777777;color:#ccc;} .syn a {color:#ccc;}

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GQ Robert Pattinson wallpaper   6 comments

Here’s a new wallpaper with the GQ pic by @DreamySim1
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The Two Eclipse Trailers in One Video   7 comments

Here are the 2 Eclipse trailers in one video.

Via RPattzFan_

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – French & German Trailer   5 comments

Here are the French and German  Eclipse Trailers

Via Le Rpattz Club and Twilighter_News

De-Tagged Pic of Robert Pattinson From The V-Man Photoshoot + Black & White   4 comments

I saw this cover of Robert Pattinson this morning and realized that this pic had never been released in HQ, so I removed the magazine tags from the cover for you you guys and made a black & white as well as a sepia version.

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Black & White Pic Roundup   2 comments

Here’s a roundup of black & white pics of Robert Pattinson we posted yesterday.

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Eclipse #3 in HitFix's Top Ten Biggest Movies of the Summer   1 comment

Opening Day: June 30

Pros: Arguably the most passionate franchise fanbase of this era and the most action packed of all the films which means guys might not have to be dragged by their significant others after being bored through “New Moon.”  “Eclipse” is also the first installment in IMAX (higher ticket prices factor in) and to be released in the teen-friendly summer season.
Cons: The “backlash” is over, but are the fans still as excited as they were for the first two films?

Projected Box Office: $330 million
$300 million is guaranteed, but it “should” do much more than that

To check out the entire list click here.

Source: HitFix