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Remember Me Makes $10.5 Million at the Foreign Box Office   3 comments

From Alt Film Guide

Robert Pattinson’s romantic drama Remember Me has taken in approximately $10.5 million at the international box office up to March 28, 2010, according to figures found at Box Office Mojo. (Australia and Bulgaria, March 21.)

After being greeted by mixed-to-negative reviews, Remember Me has earned a total of $17.7 million in the United States/Canada up to April 1. Its worldwide cume currently stands at about $28.2 million — actually more than that; as stated above, international figures are one week behind.

To date, Remember Me’s top international markets have been Russia* with $3.159 million, Brazil with $1.476 million, Italy with $1.043 million, Australia with $916K (March 21), and Germany with $843K. Apparently, Robert Pattinson has a large following in those countries.

Next in line are Greece (423K), Sweden ($405K), Poland ($333K), Mexico ($270K), Portugal ($229K), and New Zealand/Fiji ($216K).

Remember Me, which was executive produced by Pattinson, officially cost $16 million. Summit Entertainment should get about half of the film’s worldwide gross (if $28.3 million, that would mean approximately $14 million or so for the studio; the box-office split, however, can vary depending on the film and the territories where it has played).

As I’ve said in previous posts, even after including advertising and distribution costs, Remember Me will most likely end up in the black after worldwide box-office rentals and ancillary revenues are added up.

In fact, this latest Robert Pattinson vehicle is already close to covering its production costs at the global box-office even though it’s just now opening in major markets such as the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Spain.

Remember Me has yet to open in Japan, China, France, South Korea, Denmark, and Argentina and many other large and mid-size territories.

Directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Will Fetters, Remember Mestars Robert Pattinson as a young rebel at odds with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Emilie de Ravin plays Pattinson’s romantic interest. Also in the cast: Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Tate Ellington.

* Actually, the Commonwealth of Independent States, which includes Russia and most of the old Soviet Union republics.

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Happy Easter Robert Pattinson Wallpapers   4 comments

Here are three wallpapers for Easter by DreamySim1 and Halvir09. Happy Easter from us at ToR!

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4 New HQ Stills From'The Haunted Airman'   9 comments

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ITN: R-Patz sinks his teeth into Remember Me   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson has stepped out of the shadows of Twilight to star in new drama Remember Me.

He stars opposite Emilie de Ravin, who most viewers will recognize as Claire in Lost.

The film follows a couple brought together by their individual feuds with their fathers.

Pattinson’s character Tyler is the son of millionaire Charles Hawkins, played by Pierce Brosnan.

Chris Cooper stars as the father of Emilie’s character Ally, and they struggle to form a working relationship in a single-parent family as she matures into adulthood.

It is definitely a step in the right direction for R-Patz to be considered as a credible actor outside of the Twilight hysteria. Both he and Emilie may now be able to break out of the shackles of their most famous performances.

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Videos: Making of Remember Me on Dutch TV (Net 5)   9 comments

Here are 2 videos of the Making of Remember Me on Dutch TV which aired last night. The quality and audio of the videos isn’t that great. A huge thanks to Chainedviolet for these. I don’t think there’s anything new in these clips.

New Pictures of Rob Filming Bel Ami Last Night 04/02/10   1 comment

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Videos of Rob Filming Bel Ami Last Night 04/02/10   1 comment

via RPLife and BelAmiFilm

New Video of Robert Pattinson Filming Bel Ami – RTL Klub   Leave a comment

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New Details wallpapers   3 comments

Here is a series of amazing wall papers by Cyn_TR

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Video: Emilie de Ravin Speaks About Working With Robert Pattinson With ITN   1 comment

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