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Remember Me Takes In 46.5 Million Dollars at the Box Office   3 comments

Remember Me took in 46.5 Million, so far, at the box office according to Box Office Mojo . Keep in mind that this does not include the numbers for this weekend which are estimated at around 64,000$ for domestic (not including the international box office).

Source: Box Office Mojo

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Video: Pierce Brosnan Speaks About Robert Pattinson With The ShowBiz 411   1 comment

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Emilie de Ravin Speaks About Remember Me and Robert Pattinson With Fabric Magazine   7 comments

Here’s the part where she speaks about Rob, you can read the full article here.

In Remember Me de Ravin plays Ally Craig, a young woman trying to return to normality after seeing her mother tragically killed, when Tyler, played by Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson, walks into her life. “I think Ally isn’t ruling out love, but neither is she looking for it,” explains de Ravin. “They launch into something that attracts them not just physically but on a mental and intellectual level, too. It feels very real,” she says. So what was it like working with man-of-the-moment R-Patz? “I didn’t know who Rob was!” she laughs. Surely not? “Really – I just read the script and fell in love with it.” This is typical of de Ravin’s attitude to Hollywood: for her, it’s more about picking the right projects and being lucky enough to be surrounded by decent people, than being a star.

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Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on the Homepage of MSN France + a Video   1 comment

Here’s a screenshot of Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on the homepage of MSN France. Here’s the translation I did of the banner:

Goodbye vampires

Robert Pattinson plays the seductive Frenchy

  • The “it” actor of the moment takes on Maupassant.
  • See images of Bel Ami filming

There’s a video as well but it’s not embeddable so click on the image below to watch it.

Translation by Le Rpattz Club

“Even if he’s wearing a costume, and is hidden under a top hat, it’s impossible not to recognize the beautiful face of  Robert Pattinson. The hunk from twilight intends to reach a more mature audience in Bel Ami. You are actually seeing a scene being shot. This film is about a former soldier who became a journalist . he’s climbing the social ladder by seducing a lot of women. In our exclusive images , we can see Robert buying flowers for his lover and we can also see him reading a newspaper. The actor is actually in Hungary to shoot with Kristin scott Thomas. Between takes , he is smiling. Bel Ami will be released next year”

Source: Le Rpattz Club and translation by us and Le Rpattz Club

More Robert Pattinson wallpapers!   1 comment

Here are some beautiful wallpapers made by @Melainii

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Ricky Martin Tweets About Seeing Little Ashes   4 comments

If you haven’t see Little Ashes it’s a great movie and you can order it on Amazon here.

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The Twilight Saga Eclipse Spanish Poster   Leave a comment

Here’s the poster for Eclipse in Spanish

Source: Uchiland via Source

17 Robert Pattinson wallpapers!   2 comments

Here is the rest of the missing wallpapers I made, but never got posted on ToR (made by @DreamySim1)

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6 wallpapers Remember Me   Leave a comment

*UPDATE* added one made by @edwardbella94

Here are 5 Remember Me wallpapers I made a while back, but never got posted on ToR (made by @DreamySim1)

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Ryan Phillippe as Robert Pattinson on SNL   3 comments

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