Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on the Homepage of MSN France + a Video   1 comment

Here’s a screenshot of Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on the homepage of MSN France. Here’s the translation I did of the banner:

Goodbye vampires

Robert Pattinson plays the seductive Frenchy

  • The “it” actor of the moment takes on Maupassant.
  • See images of Bel Ami filming

There’s a video as well but it’s not embeddable so click on the image below to watch it.

Translation by Le Rpattz Club

“Even if he’s wearing a costume, and is hidden under a top hat, it’s impossible not to recognize the beautiful face of  Robert Pattinson. The hunk from twilight intends to reach a more mature audience in Bel Ami. You are actually seeing a scene being shot. This film is about a former soldier who became a journalist . he’s climbing the social ladder by seducing a lot of women. In our exclusive images , we can see Robert buying flowers for his lover and we can also see him reading a newspaper. The actor is actually in Hungary to shoot with Kristin scott Thomas. Between takes , he is smiling. Bel Ami will be released next year”

Source: Le Rpattz Club and translation by us and Le Rpattz Club

One response to “Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on the Homepage of MSN France + a Video

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  1. Thanks for posting that link, since I’m speaking french I like those videos 🙂

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