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Bel Ami Spanish TV Spots   1 comment

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Old Bel Ami Still Now Larger   1 comment

Old Still of Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy now in a larger size


Another New Bel Ami Scene   Leave a comment

A Bel Ami scene featuring Georges and Clotilde.

Clotilde: I am very happy for you.
Georges: How is Laurine?
Clotilde: She can’t forgive you, unfortunately. Monsieur Forestier calls you, you know? Is so petite, can’t understand.
Georges: And you?
Clotilde: You did a good marriage. Is what we all do. I miss you very much. To our love nest just miss you.
Georges: But how will you still have?
Clotilde: I’m an incurable optimist
talk politics
Georges: thanks
Rousset and climb the stairs as a politician still talk about politics.

Video and translation thanks to Robert Thomas Pattinson Italian Fanclub


Magnolia Pictures Tweets About Rob + Old Still, Now HQ   Leave a comment

The Bel Ami US Distributor, Magnolia Pictures Tweeted about Robert Pattinson and generously gave us this old still now in HQ

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HQ Screencap of Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy   2 comments

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NEW Bel Ami Scene!   1 comment

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Christina Ricci Talks About Rob and Bel Ami on Jonathan Ross   Leave a comment

Christina Ricci talks about Bel Ami and Robert Pattinson during her appearance on Jonathan Ross


Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod & Christina Ricci Talk Robert Pattinsons Bel Ami Character   Leave a comment

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Interview from the German press junket. Translation of the dubbing:

Nick: It’s a wonderful story about a young man with barely any talent but who makes his way towards the French society in the 1890s.

Declan: He is a mini shark in a world of sharks. He’s learning to swim with them until he gets to become the biggest one. I thought it was an interesting modern parable.

Nick: It’s about a press that invents stories and that’s exactly what happens in …. situation in Britain today.

Declan: But at that time phone tappings didn’t exist.

Christina: Well, he’s seducing them and one of the ways of doing that is to give them what they want.

Declan: These women are all quite happy married in a way which is interesting. But they’re ready to do everything for/when it comes to sex which is something that is more male oriented, like we have many many very famous instances recently.

Declan: You hear all lot about women getting undone and ready to abandon everything because they’re irreparably attracted by a man who’s pretty much worthless. It’s intriguing and scary to see people being self-destructed because of this.

Declan: He mirrors what those women want to hear in the dinner scene. He’s waiting to hear what they’re going to say and then he replies what they want to hear. They think that they charm him and he’s charming back at them.

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Indiewire: First Bel Ami Review From The Berlin Film Festival   1 comment

Indiewire Thompson on Hollywood: It makes perfect sense that Rob Pattinson would continue his attempts to broaden his fan base as the “Twilight” franchise nears its end. Starring in a new film adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel “Bel Ami” certainly advances that project: playing Georges Duroy, an unscrupulous ex-soldier who makes his way up the ladder of Parisian high society by seducing the wives of powerful men, adds a few strings to his bow. (Sony Pictures Classics will release the film stateside on March 2.)

Duroy is unscrupulous, self-absorbed and nakedly ambitious, but has enough sexual magnetism to further his career by talking his way into some of the city’s most opulent bedrooms. Pattinson is thus involved in screen liaisons with actresses old enough to be mothers to “Twilight”’s core audience. It’s a leap of sorts, and not without its risks.

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Bel Ami Fan Made Video   3 comments

Check out this Bel Ami fan made video, a mash up of the clips and trailers we’ve seen.

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