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Flashback Pic Post: Bel Ami Stills   1 comment

Here’s a flashback pic post with Bel Ami stills featuring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Holly Grainger. 


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Brazilian Bel Ami Posters   2 comments

Here are Brazilian Bel Ami Posters. The release date is August 3rd. 

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Christina Ricci talks about Bel Ami and Robert Pattinson to Herald Sun – Australia   Leave a comment

From Herald Sun

This month, Ricci stars in Bel Ami, based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant. She plays Clotilde de Marelle, who’s seduced by social-climber Georges Duroy, played by Robert Pattinson. At the time of filming, Pattinson was at the peak of Twilight hysteria. Did the more experienced Ricci give him advice on handling the attention?

“God, no,” she says. “I’ve not experienced that kind of fame and I don’t think I ever will, so I wouldn’t have any advice to give.

“But it doesn’t seem to get to him at all,” she adds. “When we were shooting in Budapest, there were quite a few girls screaming on the street, but he wasn’t annoyed by it in the slightest.”

Ricci found herself in the position those girls dream of – filming love scenes with Pattinson. “We joked and had a laugh about it,” she says. “We made a point of trying to put each other at ease. It’s just part of the job. Sometimes those scenes can be funny, but they aren’t terribly thrilling.”

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*VIDEO* Bel Ami Scene of Clothilde and Georges in the boudoir in better quality   1 comment

We posted a link to the video previous here, but it’s now in better quality and on youtube:

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*VIDEO* Christina Ricci talks about Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on ‘The View’   1 comment


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New ‘Bel Ami’ BTS *VIDEO* With Rob and Christina + Costume Designer Talks About Rob   Leave a comment

Behind-the-scenes video with Rob and Christina Ricci:

‘Bel Ami’ Costume Designer talks about Rob at 1:26:

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Bid on signed Bel Ami poster by Robert Pattinson and Christina Ricci for the ‘A Heart for Children’ charity   Leave a comment

You can bid on a signed Bel Ami poster by Rob and Christina. All the money goes to the ‘A Heart for Children’ charity. You can bid on the poster until May 10th

Place your bids here

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*VIDEO* Christina Ricci talks about working with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Christina Ricci talks about working with Rob in this on-set interview

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More Old Bel Ami Stills now in UHQ   2 comments

Click for bigger

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Another New Bel Ami Scene   Leave a comment

A Bel Ami scene featuring Georges and Clotilde.

Clotilde: I am very happy for you.
Georges: How is Laurine?
Clotilde: She can’t forgive you, unfortunately. Monsieur Forestier calls you, you know? Is so petite, can’t understand.
Georges: And you?
Clotilde: You did a good marriage. Is what we all do. I miss you very much. To our love nest just miss you.
Georges: But how will you still have?
Clotilde: I’m an incurable optimist
talk politics
Georges: thanks
Rousset and climb the stairs as a politician still talk about politics.

Video and translation thanks to Robert Thomas Pattinson Italian Fanclub