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Win Tickets to an Advance Screening of "Eclipse"!   8 comments

Moviefone has your chance to attend an advance screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” in one of the cities listed below!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘ hits theaters in less than two weeks, and feverish anticipation from fans is in the air. Judging from the trailer, the film is promising to be the most heart-wrenching ‘Twilight’ installment yet — and Moviefone has the perfect prize for any Twi-Hard: tickets to advance screenings on June 28.

Five winners in each of the following 10 cities will receive pairs of tickets to advance ‘Eclipse’ screenings:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington DC

To view more details & to enter for a chance to go to an advance screening of “Eclipse”, please click here!

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More "Eclipse" Press Junket Portraits (Untagged)   1 comment

More new photos of Robert Pattinson from the “Eclipse” Press junket!!! He looks so very handsome in these!

Click to view more after the jump!

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Video: 'Eclipse' Spoofs & Rob's Pre-Production Projects   5 comments

In ReelzChannel’s latest Twilight Tidbit, they talk about ‘The Host’ casting rumours, popular ‘Eclipse’ trailer spoofs, and upcoming projects for Twilight cast members– including Rob’s Water for Elephants (at the 1:45 mark)!{font-family:Arial;font-size:11px;padding:5px;width:470px;background:#585858;border-top:1px solid #777777;color:#ccc;} .syn a {color:#ccc;}

via His Golden Eyes

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'Remember Me' Sort of Pops Up in Tom Felton's Live Webcast Interview   Leave a comment


I am seriously one of the most unobservant people EVER! So, I’m really surprised that I caught this! ‘Remember Me’ got a little unexpected plug by popping up during Tom Felton’s live web cast interview with FilmClub.

Just something really cool that I thought I would share with all of you, haha!

If you missed Tom’s webcast you can check it out by clicking here!

SOURCE: Edward-Cullen.Net

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Stephen Merchant Didn't Want Robert Pattinson in His New Film   5 comments

The Office’s Stephen Merchant has said he wouldn’t have wanted Robert Pattinson to star in his and Ricky Gervais’ new film Cemetery Junction.

The comedian and writer revealed he and Ricky chose to cast relatively unknown, up-and-coming British actors in the film about a group of young people growing up in Reading in the 70s, because they didn’t want stars like the Twilight actor stealing the spotlight.

Merchant said: “If you have a group of friends and one of them is Robert Pattinson, you’re sort of ‘This is a Robert Pattinson movie’ where as we wanted people to accept they were friends so we had to find new people, and these were the people we found.”

He added: “Everyone forgets that when we did The Office, pretty much everyone, including Ricky, was kind of unknown. Audiences sort of accepted them as real people, and even with Extras, aside from the stars everyone was relatively unknown apart from Ricky so we’ve always sought out new blood and this was really exciting for us.”

Merchant revealed the film is “drawn on lots of elements of Ricky and I’s childhood, but it’s almost a romantic version of our memories of the past.

“It seemed like it was a lot hotter and people seemed cooler and sexier than they probably were and there’s far fewer bad teeth than there were in the 70s.”

Speaking of working with Ricky again he joked: “I never enjoy working with Ricky, it’s always an exhausting process. But, as you may have noticed, I have never had success beyond working with Ricky so you need to go back to the fold. I’m always drawn back in.”


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Video: Robert Pattinson Filming Bel Ami (April 6, 2010)   2 comments

via RP Life

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More Videos of Rob On The Set of 'Bel Ami'   1 comment

More videos after the jump!

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More 'Bel Ami' Set Photos   3 comments

Here are some more photos of Rob on the set of ‘Bel Ami’ …..Rob really does look amazing in period clothing!

See more photos after the jump!

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Wax Robert Pattinson – Madame Tussauds NYC (Video & Photos)   Leave a comment

So yesteryday I (Jackie) went to Madame Tussauds in New York City! it was a lot of fun….really great place to go, if you happen to be in New York! I did see wax Rob…and it was creepy yet cool! It takes 3-4 months for wax figures to get made, so a lot of hard work definitely goes into these figures! Anyways, here are a few photos and a video of my experience! Enjoy!

By the way, if the video isn’t working, check it out on ECN’s Youtube Channel! It works on there!

You can also check out my post on ECN by clicking here!

Check out photos after the jump!

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Lea Michele (Glee) Talks About Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Glee actress Lea Michele, who plays Gleek Rachel Berry has said she wants the shows fanbase to grow to match that of Twilght.

Michele told the Mirror: “If we have fans like Twilight fans, then thank God, because those are some hardcore, amazing fans.”

She added: “We were at the Teen Choice Awards, and they were screaming for Robert Pattinson, and i was just thinking, ‘I hope one day they scream for us like that.”

When asked if she got to meet R-Pattz, Lea said: “I walked past him. And yes, I did say hi. He’s very sweet, very handsome. I would love to meet a cue English boy. Anybody with an accent.”

SOURCE: Pattinsonlife via TwiBritneyFan

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