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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson In ‘Marie Claire’ Magazine – Russia   1 comment

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson in ‘Marie-Claire’ magazine – France   1 comment

Robert Pattinson dissection
At 26, (with a full set of teeth!) this “Twilight” vampire comes back as a trader in “Cosmopolis” and as a right Casanova in “Bel ami”. (And of course, he melts our hearts!).
Brain: Sharp, he’s aware that his trade prefers younger actors and is already considering his other options for the future. “I want to write” says this Francophile film buff, he’s an avid reader. He feels a connection with Michel Houellebecq’s characters And Jean-Luc Godard’s films.
Eyes: laser blue eyes! He has this serial seducer stare that allows him to impersonate the trader in Cosmopolis as well as the ambitious cad in Bel Ami, since his debut in Harry Potter in 2005 the British press has nicknamed him the new Jude Law.
Heart: spoken for by Kristen, his Twilight co star. They have been cryptic for a while about the nature of their relationship, a clever way of protecting themselves while feeding the suspense.
Smile: Pale. “My dad pushed me to take acting lessons to give me confidence. I hated the stage but once I saw the many pretty girls there, I assiduously attended.”
Ears: Musical! Piano from the early age of 3 and the guitar from only 5! More recently an interest in the cello has flourished in him. “I am a one-man band” he says smiling “Music has always been my plan B”. He also composes: two of his songs have been used in “Twilight”.

Facial features: Chiselled. Almost feminine! “As a child, my sisters used to dress me up as a woman and nickname me ‘Claudia’”. This (stunning) face enabled him to be regarded as an excellent choice to incarnate Salvadore Dali in “little ashes” in 2009.
Skin: Translucent ! Just like his Twilight vampire, he must flee daylight to escape the teenage crowds that track him down. “I live indoors, otherwise chaos ensues, I ‘d never imagined that I would become an idol for tweens. Sometimes I ask myself how far my patience will stretch”.
Name: Pattinson. Revealed by “Twilight”, he was ranked in 2008 by Forbes magazine to be amongst the 50 most influential celebs on the planet. Forename: Robert. We prefer to call him ‘Rob’. He has two elder sisters: Lizzy (a singer in the group Aurora) and Victoria (who currently works in advertising). Date of birth: 13th May 1986, in London (where he still resides to this day). Father: A car salesman. Richard specialized in American vintage cars. “My father has always been an artist that could never summon up the courage to put himself out there”. Mother: Casting director. Thanks to ‘Mummy’ (Clare) Pattinson manages to obtain him a contract at the young age of 12. Diplomas: none. “From 13 to 16 I was very lazy; I only started doing my homework at 17, and that was far too late”. First job: Model. “When I started, the ‘androgynous’ look was very popular, and it seemed to work! As soon as puberty caught up with me though, my career fell apart.
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Here’s a scan of Rob in the Marie Claire magazine

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A Pic of Robert Pattinson at amfAR in the February Issue of Marie Claire – Scan   1 comment

A pic of Robert Pattinson at amfAR  is in Marie Claire’s February issue. Rob auctioned off a kiss at amfAR (which is a foundation for AIDS research). A huge thanks to goldnmorning for sending this to us.

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Robert Pattinson: Impossible to Avoid, Impossible to dislike

By Mariane Morisawa (Translated by ViviLitt )

“New Moon”, the second part of the saga “Twilight”, hits theaters around the world on Friday (20). You may think: “Forget it, this is for teenagers”. But you will not be able to escape the wave that will sweep the planet. And I suspect – actually, I know – that a lot of women (in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s …) love the series written by Stephenie Meyer. Plus, they love Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays the vampire Edward Cullen.

I did not understand why so much confusion, until I watched, way later than most, the first film (about two months ago). As a movie, “Twilight” is really bad. Neither the special effects and makeup are good, something serious in a production about vampires. But it was easy to understand why the fever. Edward Cullen is a romantic vampire, without that extreme self-confidence that these beings often have. He falls for awkward teen Bella (the equally awkward Kristen Stewart). He really fears, however, not being able to resist his impulses and hurt her. Worse, he fears that she is hurt by any of the other vampires. The parallel between blood and sex is explicit here. But this makes him a dream lover of any teenager.

That’s not all. Everyone, especially those of males, may speak ill of Robert Pattinson. ‘He does not take a bath’. ‘He looks like a drunk’. The truth is, however, that it has been a long time, probably since Leonardo DiCaprio, that did not appear a guy with such a hearthrob vibe. And what’s wrong with that? The film industry needs it. Robert Pattinson sells. Hence the cover of Vanity Fair, a magazine that is far from being for teenagers. Hence the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the bible of the entertainment.

Intrigued, I began to look for and read the interviews of the 23 year old boy. And you know what? You cannot NOT like Robert Pattinson. First, let’s agree that the boy is a little young (certainly too young for my taste) but really handsome – take a look at the photoshoot made by Bruce Weber for Vanity Fair and disagree if you can.

Second, he exudes great sincerity and no arrogance, so typical of youngsters who start to be successful. On the contrary, he does not take himself seriously, making fun of himself. “It sounds silly, but in many ways my hair is 75% of my performance,” he told Entertainment Weekly that hit newsstands in the U.S. last Friday (13). Other than that, thinks that he is to blame, for not coping well with the harassment – that is so intense that he can not even leave the hotel room. “I’m not the kind of guy fit to be on a movie franchise. I don’t like crowds” he said to Vanity Fair.
And he seems to want to be a real actor. Such that he has chosen more alternative projects, like the western directed by actress Madeleine Stowe ( “Unbound Captives”) and a romantic drama with Emilie de Ravin ( “Remember Me”). For all that, you can say with ease that he has far more qualities that 90% of 23 years actors out there. So, leave the boy alone.

Thanks ROBsessed (original article here)

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