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Daniel Cudmore mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview   2 comments

From Glamour UK

Q: Phew! Did you get to hang out much with Rob, Kristen and Taylor during filming?

A: Um, not so much Taylor. Rob and Kristen a little bit, here and there. During filming they were always working. So, a little bit off camera, but not a lot.

Q: Because you had that great scene with Robert in New Moon, is that the one that people talk to you most about?

A: I think so, just because it was the first experience with the character and also the fact the lead character is almost being killed, um, a lot of fans weren’t too happy with me, which in turn I was thrilled about because it means I did my job properly.

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Daniel Cudmore talks about Rob and the Felix and Edward Fight   1 comment

The physical role included a fight scene with Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward.

Pattinson is a heartthrob to Twilight fans the world over, but Cudmore said the handsome actor was keen to do as much of his own stunt work as possible.

“Rob’s a great guy, he’s really game for anything,” Cudmore said.

“He was nervous at first, because he was like, `you know I’m not the most athletic guy out there, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this’.

“After rehearsing for a few hours he was really, really having a good time with it. He had a blast.”

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Video: Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore Speak About Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Guys, you’re new, introduce yourselves to us
– How was it to work with so many new co-stars? [@1:32]
– How do you deal with all the hype?
– Is this the reason why you became an actor?
– Would you like being a heartthrob like Rob Pattinson?
– How did you prepare for your role?

– What is harder to play: a human being or a vampire?
– What is the main difference between both movies?
– Are the Robert and Kristen rumors true?

– In what kind of movies would you like to take a role?

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Daniel Cudmore speaks about his fight scene with Robert Pattinson   2 comments

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In an interview given to FoForks, a Brazilian Twilight fan site, Daniel spoke about how fun “beating up” Rob in the fight scene was.

Here’s what he said:

Ok, so now about that terrible, horrendous, no-words-for-it scene when you beat the shizz out of The Sparkle One in New Moon, how did you feel about beating up our most beloved creature known as Edward? How did you sleep that night knowing that thousand of hearts had been broken and that now you are the hero of those Twilight widows? (FYI, those who girlfriends and wives were stolen by Mr. Edward and wanted to beat him up themselves lol)

– Haha, it was a fun fight scene to work on and Robert really liked doing as much of the fight as he could, I slept like a baby afterwards. We’ll see how everyone feels after the movie comes out, and if they don’t like my character, then i did a good job.

Beating the shizz out of Robward feels like… fun


Source: FoForks via RP Life

What you’ve been waiting for – Premiere Magazine scans with full English Translation   84 comments

Here are the scans of Premiere Magazine! Translation was done by me. If there are any errors or typos I’m sorry, I’m sick, my spell-check in Word isn’t working and I was trying to get it up as quickly as possible for you guys.

“You wake up one morning and suddenly you’re a star”


Same as last time. The translation was done by me. Sorry for the watermark but I’m not taking chances any longer after what happened last time. I didn’t translate word for word so if you use it without sourcing I’ll know it’s my translation. Sorry I have to be so ruthless.   

Sixth role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 4 years ago, Robert Pattinson has become a walking phenomemon thanks to the Twilight Saga. For the vam(pire) or the best? (FP note: Pire in French means worst). Face-to-face interview with the hotest actor of the moment.





Top of page 58 “It has always surprised me that Edward was the “perfect man”. To me he’s a person filled with anger, it’s worries me a bit.” Robert Pattinson.







I’m not translating the last 2 pages as they are more about idols and how people see them than New Moon or Rob.


Source (For scans) thanks to auntapey for the tip!

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Twilight Unofficial Collector’s Guide   Leave a comment

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