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Flashback Pic post: Robert Pattinson and Twilight Cast in Vanity Fair 2008 (Peggy Sirota)   4 comments

One of the most popular photoshoots of 2008 was Peggy Sirota’s shoot for Vanity Fair. Yesterday we received some great UHQ from Setje at Pattinsonlife, which inspired us to do a flashback pic post of Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Cast. We’re only posting the pics that weren’t posted yesterday. They’re not all large, but they’re still great pics!

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Video: Robert Pattinson and the 'Twilight' Cast's Empire Photoshoot   4 comments

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Rachelle Lefevre Speaks About Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Robert Pattinson & Kevin Spacey Draw Attention from Twilight Star Rachelle Lefevre

Twilight star Rachelle Lefevre (pictured) has told how Kevin Spacey taught her to Twitter – and says she still has to tell fans that Robert Pattinson “does shower”. Lefevre, who played evil Victoria in the first two Twilight movies, met Spacey on the set of their film Casino Jack.

She said: “We got talking about Twitter and Kevin said he had 420,000 followers. I asked him if it made him nervous, if he was giving too much access. Then he gave me a 20-minute talk about why he loves doing it. He said it helps communicate with the fans, how it helps let people know what he’s doing. He sold me on it. If a two-time Academy Award winner tells you to Twitter, you Twitter.”

Talking about Twilight hunk Pattinson on an Australian talk show, Lefevre added: “It‘s been a year-and-a-half now and we’re still quashing the rumour that he doesn’t shower. He showers! Very early on when filming the first movie people stopped me in the street and said, ‘Does he shower?’

She adds, “He does. He’s lovely, the same as he was when he first started filming. He loves his music. He plays with his hair. He gets uncomfortable sometimes. He’s very normal.”

Source via Rob Pattinson Life

Stills of Deleted Scenes from New Moon   6 comments

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Screencaps of the NEW MOON TV Spot – “Save Her”   2 comments

Here are some screencaps of the New Moon TV spot “Save Her” I made for you guys.


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Video:New Moon trailer-Save Her   1 comment


Video: Robert Pattinson and the cast of Twilight – The Wait is over   3 comments

Here’s a video of Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast of Twilight saying the wait is over 😉

Source via RP Life

Screencaps from the new New Moon footage on Access Hollywood   22 comments

Update: I made 35 additional screencaps that are better quality.

I made these screencaps of the new New Moon footage from Access Hollywood and adjusted them a bit to make them look better. Some of them I couldn’t do much with them as the quality was so low but I wanted to catch that specific moment. Here they are.


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Old/new pics of Robert Pattinson and Twilight cast with fans   1 comment

Some old/new pics of Robert Pattinson and some of the Twilight cast with fans.


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Cropped and enhanced stills from the New Moon trading cards   3 comments

I cropped and enhanced the stills we hadn’t seen before on the New Moon trading cards. I also made some black & white versions for you guys.


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