Screencaps from the new New Moon footage on Access Hollywood   22 comments

Update: I made 35 additional screencaps that are better quality.

I made these screencaps of the new New Moon footage from Access Hollywood and adjusted them a bit to make them look better. Some of them I couldn’t do much with them as the quality was so low but I wanted to catch that specific moment. Here they are.


More screencaps after the jump!

22 responses to “Screencaps from the new New Moon footage on Access Hollywood

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  2. You are the ambassador!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  3. Really! Love it!!!

  4. Thanks! The quality isn’t that great.

  5. good enough!!! *melts..send someone quick!*

  6. Does anyone know what part that scene with Edward and Jacob duking it out is from? I’m not sure I remember reading it…


    • Not sure. I don’t remember that either.

      • Ok so I read that this is the end of the movie, but it’s not the bike scene. Jacob confronts Edward about leaving Bella etc. and thats when Edward loses it. This is after the family vote and the “marry me” ultimatum Edward gives Bella. Still a little confused but SUPER excited!!!

    • I’m thinking it might be from the end when they go in the woods to talk after Jacob told Charlie about the bike? Maybe they just changed the scene a little bit.

    • Yeh, I think its final scene, but also it seems to me that Jacob’s “running through the wood and trying to reach somebody by his claws” is from other scene in NM. Look at the place where he is jumping and then on the “wide road” where he is running…

    • I think it’s a dream sequence, actually..But that’s just me.

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  13. Thanks for posting the pics – I also have some stills from the shot

    See more pics here

    Its nice to see other pics tho that I didnt post!

    Love the site! Thanks!!

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