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Robert Pattinson: The Boy In The Bubble   5 comments


He’s bigger than Ben-Hur at the moment, if you believe all the hype. Yet to come face-to-face with Robert Pattinson is to meet a serious artist, a multi-talented individual who could as easily have been a classical or funky musician as a movie star.

The Twilight juggernaut is propelling the 23-year-old British actor to the heights of mega stardom and, having previously only played minor roles, most notably as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he is making the most of it.

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An open letter to David Slade, by KStewDevotee   37 comments

Hello all, my mom calls me ‘Mistake’ but the Twitter-verse knows me as KStewDevotee or Elle. The ToR gals suggested I do a fuckery post so here goes my ‘Brilliant’  letter:

Dear Slademister,

I hope you don’t mind the pics of Rob & Kris that will be spontaneously placed in this letter

57515745I know this made you swoon David. No one resist the smirk. No one.

: clears throat : Let’s begin

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London Fan Event featuring Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Chris Weitz   3 comments

UK fans, how would you like the chance to win tickets to the New Moon fan event taking place in London next month? is looking for one abassador from each of the following UK cities (Picturehouse cinema attached): London Brixton (Ritzy Cinema), Liverpool (Picturehouse at Fact), Henley (Regal Picturehouse), York (City Screen), Stratford-on-Avon (Stratford Picturehouse) and Greenwich (Greenwich Picturehouse).

From Live:

I need to find one ambassador in each city who I will give a pair of tickets to in return for setting up a Facebook group promoting the vouchers which I have made for this offer. Provided they get 250 members on their group, I can guarentee them a pair of tickets to the Big Fan Event in Battersea Park, London, on November 11th at 6:30. This event will be a live concert with the three main cast of the Film (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) and also the director Chris Weitz attending, along with bands from the Official soundtrack playing.

We will also judge the ambassadors on how many vouchers are redeemed for their cinema, and the person with the most redemptions will get an additional cash prize of £100.

Entrants can be any age, providing that they can get the 250 members onto their Facebook group.

The entrants must live within a reasonable distance of the Cinema which they are an Ambassador, so that they can easily endorse the cinema.

When applying, they need to email me at:, and simply say their name, reason they want to be an ambassador and also how close they live to Cinema and how well they know the cinema.

So, to reiterate, if you want to apply to be an ambassador and win some tickets to the NM fan event, email Charlie at If anyone has any more questions, feel free to email me, and I will try and answer them!

Source: Robert Pattinson Life

Screencaps of the NEW MOON TV Spot – “Save Her”   2 comments

Here are some screencaps of the New Moon TV spot “Save Her” I made for you guys.


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Soundbites From Robert Pattinson’s Interview In Cannes With Maria Lindholm   2 comments

Here is the first clip and what Maria had to say about the first part of the interview:

Ok, finally, here is more from my interview with Rob Pattinson in Cannes at the film festival. Sorry it took so long. I will do more of these where Rob talks about Kristen, New moon, his crazy fans and how it makes him feel to read about himself online. Because he does. He said so.

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Couples Retreat star talks about Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Malin Ackerman, currently doing press for Couples Retreat, recently commented about Rob:


“The more projects Akerman does, the more famous she becomes, a situation she says is “manageable” for the time being.  ‘I couldn’t imagine being Robert Pattinson right now. That would scare the sh– out of me. I’d rather be able to walk out the door have a life.'”

Thanks ReelzChannel!

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Updated info on Robert Pattinson’s Madrid appearance on Nov. 12th   2 comments

Here is some updated info on Robert Pattinson’s Madrid appearance on Nov. 12th:


From RobPattzNews:

“The fan event that we’ve organized for you on November 12th, will be held at Madrid’s Vistalegre Palace, starting at 7:15 pm.

The three main actors of the film: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be there, along with director Chris Weitz.

During the event, there will be many surprises including a Q & A with the actors and director.

There will also be clips and an exclusive preview, but the entire movie (NM) will not be shown.

Before the event begins, the actors and director will be signing
autographs inside the location.

Doors will open starting at around 5:15 pm and will close at 7 pm. For security reasons, even ticket/pass holders will be denied entry after that time.

So how do you get your pass/ticket to attend the event? The free passes will be available at the Vistalegre Palace ticket office starting at 10:00 am on November 12th. And note that it will only be one ticket per person.

There will be two types of tickets/passes available. The first 200 lucky fans in line, will get VIP access to the patio, where they will be closer to the actors.

The rest of the passes given out, will be for the stands, and they will be given out until the location reaches full capacity.

In case you don’t want to wait in line that day, there are other ways to get a ticket to the event.

There are contests being organized, where the winners will be able to attend the fan event on November 12th.

For now these are two ways to enter for a chance at tickets to the event. and

Starting October 27th, if you buy a ticket to watch ‘New Moon’ starting on November 18th on either of those links, you qualify for a drawing to attend the fan event November 12th.

Each site will give away 500 passes/tickets to the fan event.”

Thanks RobPattzNews and Robert Pattinson Source

2009-2010 Twilight Calendar   2 comments



More pics after the jump

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Ukrainian New Moon poster   Leave a comment

Scan of Ukrainian “Ooops!” magazine #11 November, 2009.


Greek New Moon poster   2 comments



Greek New Moon site