Soundbites From Robert Pattinson’s Interview In Cannes With Maria Lindholm   2 comments

Here is the first clip and what Maria had to say about the first part of the interview:

Ok, finally, here is more from my interview with Rob Pattinson in Cannes at the film festival. Sorry it took so long. I will do more of these where Rob talks about Kristen, New moon, his crazy fans and how it makes him feel to read about himself online. Because he does. He said so.

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Here is clip #2 and Maria’s comments:

OK, here is the second clip from my interview with Robert Pattinson! It is sort of a continuation of the last one, he speaks about his new fame and how you can´t prepare for it, about his fans, the first experience at Comicon and also, if he had known Twilight was going to be such a a massive hit, would he have done anything different?

There will most likely be three more clips, one where he speaks of New moon and Edward, one about upcoming projects such as Bel ami and Unbound captives and in the third he talks about his relationship to Kristen Stewart and how it feels reading about himself online … I will post the next one later this week!


PS. The reason why the audio is cut like this, with some questions inserted as text and one directly in audio, is because I did the interview together with a couple of other journalists and out of respect to them I have cut out their voices. The only person you hear asking questions in these clips is myself … Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Source: Elle via ROBsessed

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2 responses to “Soundbites From Robert Pattinson’s Interview In Cannes With Maria Lindholm

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  2. Love him but I dont think I would send him a cake every week lol

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