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Scans of Robert Pattinson in the June 2009 issue of Cosmo Spain   1 comment



Source Pattinson Online via Robert Pattinson Life

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Great fanmade New Moon Video   3 comments

Here are 2 great New Moon fanmade videos, one was made  by Sanyiaa and the other was made by Natalia (Lost Immortal). They both make awesome vids.


HQ New New Moon still with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner!   5 comments

A New Moon still that was posted by Chris Weitz on Twitter!

Untitled Sports Movie


Robward and Twilight Banners   1 comment

CSI Kat made these banner which are for message boards 🙂 They look great! She has more that you can check out here


More banners after the jump!

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Some GIFs of Robert Pattinson   12 comments

Here are some GIFs of Rob. I didn’t make any of these and I’ve had them on my computer for a while so I don’t know who did… By the way, totally out of context,  you can add us on Facebook here


More gifs after the jump!

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Robert Pattinson in Sweden’s Glamour Mag – Scans and Interview with translation   5 comments

Here are the mag scans of Rob in Sweden’s Glamour mag as well as the translation.


Hottest right now!
Forget Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp… According to a survey, among Glamour readers, Robert Pattinson is the hottest right now. And doesn’t he have everything to wish for in a man… he’s sexy casual, makes great music and is dangerously handsome!

A taxi has driven in to him (without causing any damage to him), he makes strange statements about not washing his hair and changes hotel periodically to avoid excited fans.

Hollywoods new darling Robert Pattinson has what makes young females to scream whenever he’s around, which has resulted in him needing at least two bodyguards these days….
Is it his charming british accent, his credibility as a sexy vampire in the “Twilight”-movies or that he looks dangerous and cute at the same time, just like hunk icons such as Marlon Brando och Johnny Depp? Or is it because he just wants to be an ordinary guy, without attention, who’d rather read book and produce melancholy music in an apartment in soho (two of his songs are in Twilight)?
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Enhanced still of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from Eclipse   9 comments

I cropped and edited the first pic a bit and made a few colourized as well as a black & white version of the pic for you guys.


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Robert Pattinson dubbed new heartthrob by People Magazine   1 comment



Johnny Depp made girls swoon on 21 Jump Street, but the actor went on to downplay his pretty boy looks by taking on chameleon-like roles, including playing a suburban curiosity in Edward Scissorhands and a transvestite director in Ed Wood.


Like Depp, Robert Pattinson has sharp cheekbones, that hair and a blockbuster movie franchise in Twilight. While the British actor has gained mass appeal playing brooding vampire Edward Cullen, he continues to go against type with quirky indies like How to Be and the Salvador Dalí biopic Little Ashes.

See the rest of the Heartthrobs at

Thanks to ROBsessed for the tip!

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New Vanity Fair Wallpapers of Robert Pattinson   5 comments

DreamySim1 made these 2 Vanity Fair wallpapers of Rob. Enjoy!



Source: DreamySim1

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Robert Pattinson Teaser for Elle Sweden   2 comments


Two more pics and a teaser vid after the cut!

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