Some GIFs of Robert Pattinson   12 comments

Here are some GIFs of Rob. I didn’t make any of these and I’ve had them on my computer for a while so I don’t know who did… By the way, totally out of context,  you can add us on Facebook here


More gifs after the jump!








12 responses to “Some GIFs of Robert Pattinson

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  2. LOL at his feet when he runs towards the guy!

  3. Ok, I just LOVE HIM

  4. So glad you’re on Facebook – I didn’t know. Just became a fan and suggested it to my TW/RP friends.

  5. I could watch him forever, and NEVER get tired or bored, and just keep smiling!!

  6. Haha I ALWAYS have to smile or grin stupidly when I see him smiling or laughing =)

  7. I think this is a scene from “Remember Me” or maybe not. It’s to bad he’s such a smoker, a bad habit to pick up. Also shortens your lifespan. He is an awesome actor, musician, and writer. Looking forward to the Twilight saga and Remember Me. I think Ashley is the only one who doesn’t girl.

  8. Robert Pattinson in Cannes was the epitome of beautiful perfection!!

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