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Screencaps from Twilight the special edition   9 comments

Here are some screencaps of Robert Pattinson from Twilight the special edition


More caps after the jump!

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MTV Thinks that no one knows about The Haunted Airman   9 comments


Here’s an article regarding the release of The Haunted Airman next week. I beg to differ with MTV on this one. First of all we are not taken by surprises, as for “having little to no publicity on any of Rob’s fan sites” I think MTV forgot to do their research. I’m quite sure that most of you who visit the blog  have seen us post about The Haunted Airman quite a few times. I even posted the trailer last week. The majority of  Rob fan sites all post about the Haunted Airman so I’m wondering where MTV is digging up this information.

If MTV somehow reads this post (which I highly doubt) I’d like to direct them to this category of posts

If you still haven’t purchased your copy of The Haunted Airman it’s being released October 13th and you can get it on Amazon here .

Here’s the article from MTV:

Over the last year or so, he has become one of the most closely scrutinized celebrities in the entire world. Every time Robert Pattinson sneezes, it seems like 12 supermarket tabloids run a cover story. So, how is it that the “Twilight” saga superstar could be surprising his fans with a brand-new film that comes out next week?

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Enhanced and black & white versions of the new screencaps   1 comment

Here are the enhanced and black & white version of the screencaps I made of the Death Cab for Cutie vid.


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Robert Pattinson did NOT co-write Remember Me, per @GossipCop   2 comments

According to @GossipCop, the article about Robert Pattinson in Australian GQ magazine is somewhat confusing.


The problem: “Remember Me seems like a relatively logical next stop for my career. But, still, the only reason I took it is because I have a real personal connection with it. I wrote the script with Jenny Lumet, from an original draft by Will Fetters. Many of the relationships in it are like my relationships with people in my life. And so it’s kind of a little personal thing.”

However, at Cannes, Rob stated that Remember Me was “one of the few scripts I’ve read where you finish and realize you didn’t really want it to end … I have no qualms in saying that Jenny is a genius … I went up to her house one weekend and we all hung out there and just chatted about the script and [they] asked me what I wanted from it. She worked on the draft and about a week later she delivered this script. She’d captured little bits of my voice and all the inflections and mannerisms I have.”

Head to @GossipCop’s site for the whole article.

Video: Meet Me on the Equinox – New scenes from New Moon!   13 comments

There are new scenes in here 🙂

Thanks Twilightus & LM Cullen for the tip!

Screencaps of new New Moon scenes from the Meet Me on the Equinox video   17 comments

I made some screencaps of the new scenes from New Moon for you guys.


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New stills of Robert Pattinson in How to Be   5 comments

Some new stills of Robert Pattinson as Art Freeman in How to Be

How To Be - The Film

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