Screencaps from Twilight the special edition   9 comments

Here are some screencaps of Robert Pattinson from Twilight the special edition


More caps after the jump!

Source: Twifans

9 responses to “Screencaps from Twilight the special edition

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  2. Edward walking through the cafeteria was fucking hot

  3. And their pose on the meadow was absolutely ridiculous and uncomfortable for ALIVE human being…but soooo romantic lol

  4. I love he meadow pictures! That one looks like Rob had something in his eye.

    The Cullen Clan at their lunch table is nice with out the grey/blue filter. It’s nice seeing them in real color.

  5. Does anyone know which Special Edition DVD this is from and where I can buy it? I have not seen one that comes will all these extras. Was it a newer release? HELP! 😉

  6. I read Twilight and I am just starting New Moon. Here

    This sounds hilarious. The Twilight books are fun and entertaining but they are often ’sigh out loud’ ridiculous so the parody should be entertaining as well.

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