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Video: Two How To Be Behind The Scenes Videos   5 comments

Thanks Robert Pattinson Life

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3 Gorgeous New Moon background with Robert Pattinson   4 comments

Dreamysim1 has made 3 amazing background featuring Rob. Click for full size.


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New Moon boardgame cards   3 comments

Here are the cards in the New Moon boardgame.


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Robert Pattinson Scream Award win (Spoiler)   2 comments


According to Yahoo  Rob won the prize for best fantasy actor at the scream awards last night.

“Twilight” also collected four awards: Best fantasy film, best fantasy actors for stars Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (who weren’t in attendance Saturday) and breakout performance for co-star Taylor Lautner, who introduced world-premiere footage from the film’s next installment, “New Moon.”

You can read the rest here

Source via RP Life

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Another awesome Robert Pattinson desktop-City Rob   4 comments


Made by Dreamysim1 We love her desktops!

New Vanity Fair outakes of Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight Cast – Peggy Sirota Photoshoot   10 comments

Some New Vanity Fair outakes of Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight Cast from the Peggy Sirota photoshoot. These are great I just wish they were bigger. Here’s hoping we’ll get the HQ versions of these soon.


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Twitter totally died… should we start planning it’s funeral – A funny post to help us out   27 comments

Wow Twitter has been down for at least 4 hours, because I tried to log on at 7:00AM and it wasn’t working… I’ve never seen it down for so long. What the hell’s going on Twitter? Us Twitter addicts are in withdrawl 😉 Where’s my Sunday morning procrastination time?!

I decided to open a post in case you want to chat here. Some of us have been chatting on Facebook this morning as well. 

Here are a few funnies for you guys this morning to help you through the Twitter crisis 😉 I didn’t make any of these and have had them on my computer for a while.


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Another Robward New Moon trading card and the enhanced still   3 comments

Here’s another Robward New Moon trading card. I did the enhanced cropped still and made a black & white versions as well.


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Daily dose of black & white pics of Robert Pattinson   6 comments

Ahhhh Twitter died on me… Anyone else having this problem? It won’t even load the sign in page. Anyways here are some black & white pics of Robert Pattinson I made yesterday but didn’t have time to post.


More pics after the jump!

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Remember Me Trailer Details! Updated!   27 comments


From RP Life :

Thanks to an anonymous source that watched the trailer TODAY we have a few details that ‘source’ decided to share with our blog 🙂 She watched the current draft that is still being evalutued.

I’m going to quote part of her comment

The trailer was fantastic. Rob looked phenomenal! Truly, people are going to go nuts over how adorable he looks. Tyler just seems very cute and lost and a bit disillusioned. A few highlights were Tyler going up to her for the first time (nervous…very adorable) and there was also a going in for the kiss/kissing scene. The trailer was bits and pieces of a lot of the stuff we have seen from the set pics. The best part of the trailer was shirtless Rob! He was in bed with Emile (you only see their backs, she didn’t have a top on) both covered by a blanket from the waist down. He was lying slightly to the side, so bare back and bicep. That scene is going to kill the female population. I was also overjoyed to see that Emile de Ravin is using an American accent (not trying to be mean, but her normal accent drives me crazy). A brief bit of the fight scene is in the trailer, just Tyler going over and punching the guy a few times and then the cops being there. Also a good amount of focus on the Dad not being there enough for the little girl (Tyler’s little sister). Tyler seems like such a good brother! I know the script leaked, but I haven’t read it because I don’t want spoil it for myself. So coming from someone who doesn’t know too much about the story, the film looks like it is going to be very, very good. I like that there is more to the story than just the romance between the two of them. It looks romantic, sweet, sad, moving, etc. I can’t wait to see it!’

Take that as you want. We chose to believe it’s real and decided to share with everyone.

UPDATE: More details about the trailer-

– Rob did not have a New York accent (not that I could detect at least). Come to think of it, no one in the trailer really did. Both he and Emile spoke with regular American accents.

– His best friend was briefly in a scene. It was an interior scene in like a cafeteria or a cafe. (I remember the set pics from that day. We got cute ones of Rob through a window) Both he and his friend had backpacks I believe, so I’m assuming the scene is at school. Tyler/Rob looks at Ally/Emile and his friend notices, says she’s cute and encourages him to go over and talk to her. Tyler/Rob is nervous and adorable. She tells him she doesn’t date Sociology majors and then…
Tyler: Well then it’s good I’m undecided.
Ally: Undecided about what?
Tyler: Everything (adorable Rob shy smile)
I’m quoting from memory, but I think those are the exact lines.

– They were walking around the carnival with the giant panda we all saw from the set photos. Tyler mentions that his brother was dead. The first shot of the trailer was a funeral. I don’t know who’s as I haven’t read the script. The dad, Tyler and his little sister were there.

– There was more brooding Tyler (than happy Tyler) as a good amount of focus was on the Dad not being there enough of the little girl (emotionally I mean). Tyler tells his Dad that he believes that his little sister thinks that their Dad doesn’t like her. Tyler is also mad and crashes his Dad’s board meeting and confronts him on why he didn’t show up to his daughters art event as she had created a piece of art just for her Dad and he didn’t even show up.

Source: RP Life

This is the fanmade trailer I made if you want to watch it 🙂