Twitter totally died… should we start planning it’s funeral – A funny post to help us out   27 comments

Wow Twitter has been down for at least 4 hours, because I tried to log on at 7:00AM and it wasn’t working… I’ve never seen it down for so long. What the hell’s going on Twitter? Us Twitter addicts are in withdrawl 😉 Where’s my Sunday morning procrastination time?!

I decided to open a post in case you want to chat here. Some of us have been chatting on Facebook this morning as well. 

Here are a few funnies for you guys this morning to help you through the Twitter crisis 😉 I didn’t make any of these and have had them on my computer for a while.


More after the jump!



I think that’s what happened to Twitter this morning…








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27 responses to “Twitter totally died… should we start planning it’s funeral – A funny post to help us out

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  1. OMG! wow these are great!!

  2. LMFAO at the first one.


    How are you FP?

  3. Where is everybody this morning maybe it’s not just twitter that is gone maybe we are the only ones left!!!

  4. I don’t know where everyone is LOL I keep going between here and RAoR to find peeps.

    • LOL!! I have no clue. I think ppl don’t know what to do and they’re totally lost without Twitter.

      Someone should call Rob and tell him he can go out for coffee for the next few hours no one will know lol


    It’s not just you: Twitter is suffering downtime this morning, although the outage doesn’t affect all users. Minutes ago, Twitter updated its Status Blog to acknowledge the problem:

    Responding to network connectivity problems: We are currently investigating a problem whereby some Twitter (Twitter) clients in widely scattered network locations are unable to connect to

    Twitter apps are also affected by the downtime, but again this is not universal. We’ll update when we have more information.

  6. I know…I am wondering whats going on over there! (@twimom101)

  7. Dood Christy can tweet. 😦 Why can’t I?

  8. Did you guys see this? I’m so pissed for the girls at Twitarded! I can’t believe Summit did this to them

  9. Dear Christy,

    How’s it going there in the Twitterverse? Please let us losers who can’t log on know… 😉



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  11. LOL. I LOVE THIS. This was awesome! My Sunday morning comics.

    Twitter is huge fail. I can log on and still get some tweets, but what good is that if there’s no one else can log on!

    This week has been a huge TwitterFail.

  12. I haven’t been on Twitter much today but just logges on there now and mine is working fine! :-/
    Hope it comes back for everyone soon!

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