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Great funny Robert Pattinson Illustration   3 comments

Illustrator Gilles Maurice sent us this funny and amazing illustration. It’s not for sale but we still wanted to share it with you:

Check out his website for more amazing illustrations: click here


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Edward, Bella & Jacob ‘South Parked’   1 comment

Just too funny: I had to post it 😉

More characters here from other movies
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Flashback Fun Post: ‘Fuggly’ Rob Pics   7 comments

Robert Pattinson is known as photogenic but our guy can have some off days/moments as well. So just for the fun of it: here are some ehm… ‘interesting’ pics of Rob 😉 Btw: if you have some funny pics of Rob as well: feel free to leave a link in the comments 😉

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HQ & UHQ pics from the Water of Elephants Premiere in NYC   5 comments

Here are HQ pics from the Water for Elephants premiere in NYC | Click to make bigger

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Popsugar Video: What Bill Condon might do with 'Breaking Dawn' (Funny)   1 comment

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart   7 comments


Rob: On Driving

“My dad’s a car dealer, but I grew up in London, so I always say I don’t drive…I get driven. I got a driving lesson in Oregon, and then I bought a car in L.A. and I basically learned how to drive by people honking at me. I’m terrible at driving.”

Kristen: On Cats vs. Dogs

If she could be an animal, she’d be a cat. “With cats, you’re like, ‘Come here!’ And they’re standing there being like, ‘Fuck you!'”

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Twitter totally died… should we start planning it’s funeral – A funny post to help us out   27 comments

Wow Twitter has been down for at least 4 hours, because I tried to log on at 7:00AM and it wasn’t working… I’ve never seen it down for so long. What the hell’s going on Twitter? Us Twitter addicts are in withdrawl 😉 Where’s my Sunday morning procrastination time?!

I decided to open a post in case you want to chat here. Some of us have been chatting on Facebook this morning as well. 

Here are a few funnies for you guys this morning to help you through the Twitter crisis 😉 I didn’t make any of these and have had them on my computer for a while.


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