Flashback Fun Post: ‘Fuggly’ Rob Pics   7 comments

Robert Pattinson is known as photogenic but our guy can have some off days/moments as well. So just for the fun of it: here are some ehm… ‘interesting’ pics of Rob 😉 Btw: if you have some funny pics of Rob as well: feel free to leave a link in the comments 😉

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Sources: I’m sorry but couldn’t retrace all the sources. If your pic is in here please tell us and we’ll add you as source

Posted September 5, 2011 by Sim in Robert Pattinson

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7 responses to “Flashback Fun Post: ‘Fuggly’ Rob Pics

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  1. God even the fugly ones have an element of ‘hot’… I guess it’s because Rob is so natural all the time and isn’t all about his ‘best profile’, or perfect coif, or designer clothes…. how nice to have a normal “CELEBRETY/STAR”

  2. hahaha these are funny pics! but one thing that i noticed was how long Rob’s eyelashes are? Im envious!
    Thanks for uploading

  3. I think some of these pics are cute! Lol

  4. LOVE them all with a passion!!!!

  5. He definitely has a charismatic face, his expressions are priceless… show’s his human side, no pun intended.
    WE see the staged looks that shows nothing of who he is, just how beautiful he is. These show a lot more of his personality.

  6. Hahaha..goofy Rob … It’s hard not to love that 😀

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