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Weekly Roundup of Robert Pattinson Pics and Quotes of the Day   1 comment

Here’s the weekly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“A soul and a heaven must exist because good peo­ple aren’t rewarded enough on Earth. I always liked that idea, if that makes sense.”

-Robert Pattinson

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New Water for Elephants Stills   6 comments

Here are 4 new Water for Elephants stills

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New/Old Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz at New Moon Press Conference Berlin   2 comments

Here are some new/old fan pics of Rob at Berlin Press Conference

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Natalia Tena talks about Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami   6 comments

Natalia Tena talks about meeting Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami in an interview with The Herald

They met in their late teens on a photoshoot for up-and-coming British actors. Afterwards they went to the pub and got drunk. Tena was holding down two bar jobs at the time, so actor Tom Sturridge, also on the shoot, rang her boss and said she’d had an accident and wasn’t coming in. “Needless to say I got fired,” she says. They then decided to go to Berlin, but only got as far as Tena’s flat. She couldn’t find her passport. “We had this summer of being really close,” she says. “Then I remember Robert taking me out a few months later. He was like, ‘I’m just saying goodbye because I’m going to America for a few months to do some vampire thing.’ I said ‘Cool, I’ll see you when you get back.’” And she explodes into laughter. “Now he’s massive. Literally massive. He used to be like a labrador puppy, but he’s much more mature and serious now.” So no problem with the sex scene in Bel Ami, then? “Because we know each other, it was cool,” she says. “We just took the piss. I said ‘You just bang me. Can we make it like anal sex, because it looks worse?’”

Read the rest of the interview at The Herald.


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Elizabeth Reaser talks about Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart   1 comment

Elizabeth Reaser talked about Rob & Kristen while she was at Time Warner’s Beyond 9/11 Photo Exhibit & screening on Sept. 8
“I adore Rob and Kristen. They are like family to me,” Elizabeth says. “They are both very shy and very sweet. Kristen is just a little sweetheart and I love her. And Rob is the same guy I met four years ago. I don’t even think of them as celebrities until I’m going somewhere where they will be and then there’s screaming and freaking out. It almost doesn’t register until we’re in a setting like Comic Con.”
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3 New/old videos of Rob working on the set of Cosmopolis   2 comments

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