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Francis Lawrence talks working with Robert Pattinson on Water for Elephants, fans and more   Leave a comment


From Forbes:

Your previous film before the hunger games was Water for Elephants, a Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson picture. You worked with him right in the middle of the Twilight mania, and then you went out to do theHunger Games.  What lessons did you take from interacting with Robert Pattinson, he dealt with that kind of tabloid fame and fan- that went into working with Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games right afterwards. 

When I worked with Rob, he obviously had a huge fan base because of Twilight and there were women and girls, but I say women, camped out at our set every day and at our hotels when we were shooting out of town, and it was odd. He was always very shy about it. I remember having done a movie previously with Will Smith, who is also very popular, and he has a very different way of interacting with his fans, and I was trying to see if I could get Rob a little more comfortable with sort of embracing the fan-dom.

What I learned from him is that actually the two fandoms are very different from one another. His fans are very different from Will Smith’s fans, right, and if Rob’s fans got a hold of him, at least at that time it felt like they would rip him to shreds. They would pull his hair out, they would pull his shirt apart, I mean that guy … there was reason for him to be nervous with some of those fans. Not all but some.

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Francis Lawrence Says Robert Pattinson’s Character in Water for Elephants Would Not Survive THG   9 comments

In an interview he recently gave, Francis Lawrence said that Robert Pattinson’s character in Water for Elephants, Jacob Jankowski, would not survive in The Hunger Games.

Go to 6:35 in the video below. 

New/Old Pics from Barcelona WFE Photocall/Press Junket   1 comment

Some new/old pics from the Water for Elephants photocall/press junket

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Robert Pattinson mentioned in the Water for Elephants DVD commentary   Leave a comment

Here are some tweets from the WFE DVD commentary with Francis Lawrence and Richard LaGravenese

From @fab_w:

They were all crying off camera during Hal’s scene because his wife had passed away just months before and that broke their hearts.

Initially they wanted Hal to do all the voice over but then thought it would distance from the character and decided to try Rob’s voice and really liked the result.

The moment with the girl at the college was a in between takes moment. She was so nervous around Rob that they tricked her. She was actually flirting with Rob off camera.

They say Rob has a method to start sweating and go all pale but they won’t reveal.

Rob’s mom in the movie also acted as his Polish coach. And the father lied in the audition. He was not Polish, he was Russian!

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Box Office Report: Water for Elephants Reaches 114.1M Worldwide   1 comment

According to Box Office Mojo Water for Elephants has now reached 114.1M worldwide


Water for Elephants DVD Release Date – Australia   Leave a comment

From RP Australia:
I had confirmation this morning from FOXAustralia that the blu-ray and DVD of Water for Elephants will be released in Australia on 19 October 2011.  I’ll provide more info as soon as it comes to hand, but I thought you might want to mark it down in your diaries!


Old/New Pics of Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz and Francis Lawrence in Berlin   2 comments

Here are some old/new pics of Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz and Francis Lawrence in Berlin. 

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Box Office Update: Water for Elephants Reaches 109.4M Internationally   Leave a comment

According to Box Office Mojo Water for Elephants has now reached 109.4M internationally. 

Water for Elephants Reaches 106.4M Worldwide   5 comments

Water for Elephants has now reached 106.4M worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. 

New/Old Pics of Robert Pattinson at the Water for Elephants Premiere in Barcelona   Leave a comment

Here are new/old pictures of Rob, Reese, Christoph and Francis at the WFE Premiere in Sydney

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