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Robert Pattinson to be in USA Today this weekend   5 comments

Robert Pattinson will be in USA Today this weekend, in the section aptly named USA Weekend.


Thanks to Doreenwings via RobstenLovers

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Pictures Of Robert Pattinson From The LA Twilight Premiere   4 comments

These are some really great pics of Rob that I have never seen before. IF YOU USE THESE PICS PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE TAGS!


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Video: HQ Full Volturi Fight Scene   3 comments

Hopefully you all can watch this before it gets taken down! Enjoy!

James Jagger Talks About Robert Pattinson   5 comments

James Jagger, Mick Jagger’s son, talks about one of his classmates from acting school.

Thanks Robert Pattinson Life

Screencaps from behind the scenes at Montepulciano vid   13 comments

Screencaps from the video behind the scenes of New Moon in Montepulciano. I totally screencapped Chris Weitz because KStewDevotee has a huge crush on him and ermmm I didn’t make the tags on this post so I’m not the one saying I rock. Christy drafted it. 🙂


More caps after the jump!

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Video: Behind the scenes in Montepulciano   9 comments

A huge thanks to @yunfa for this clip. It’s behind the scenes of New Moon in Italy. It was shown at the Rome film festival today.

Thanks LMCullen for the tip!

Article: Robert Pattinson confronts the media void   6 comments


VANCOUVER — RPattz, meet BS.

An Australian tabloid scooped the world on all things Robert Pattinson with a report from the depths of the British actor’s Vancouver lair that he’s “drinking to excess and indulging in other dangerous behaviour.”

The NW tab claims Rob has been “living his celebrity lifestyle to the extreme.”

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New Robert Pattinson wallpaper   7 comments



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Video: New Moon Volturi Fight Scene   6 comments

Thanks, FePattz!

20 Screencaps of the new New Moon scene shown in Rome – Volturi scene   5 comments

Here are 20 screencaps I made of the new New Moon scene that was shown in Rome. These are from the Volturi scene. We’ll be posting the vid as soon as we’re able to get it. In the meantime you can watch it here


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