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Remember Me – Post Your Comments and Thoughts on the Movie **FULL SPOILERS**   93 comments

****Please post spoilers in this thread only****

I’m bumping this post back up to the top as Remember Me is released in many other countries today.

Here’s a post where everyone can discuss their thoughts and comments on Remember Me.  You can write spoilers in the comments.

We’re trying to keep the site as spoiler free as possible so please don’t post spoilers anywhere but in this post.


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More New Moon Spoilers   3 comments



Quote from Chaske Spencer “I think Sam is a person that has been thrown into extraordinary circumstances. He’s had to sacrifice a lot. Sam is like the chief of police. He’s taken on the mantle to be the protector and help guide the other boys who are going through the traumatic experience of becoming werewolves, because there was no one there to guide him along. Bella and Jacob’s relationship is not a good thing for Sam. She’s in love with a vampire, and it’s thrown a wrench into what he’s trying to do to protect his people.”

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