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What you’ve been waiting for – Premiere Magazine scans with full English Translation   84 comments

Here are the scans of Premiere Magazine! Translation was done by me. If there are any errors or typos I’m sorry, I’m sick, my spell-check in Word isn’t working and I was trying to get it up as quickly as possible for you guys.

“You wake up one morning and suddenly you’re a star”


Same as last time. The translation was done by me. Sorry for the watermark but I’m not taking chances any longer after what happened last time. I didn’t translate word for word so if you use it without sourcing I’ll know it’s my translation. Sorry I have to be so ruthless.   

Sixth role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 4 years ago, Robert Pattinson has become a walking phenomemon thanks to the Twilight Saga. For the vam(pire) or the best? (FP note: Pire in French means worst). Face-to-face interview with the hotest actor of the moment.





Top of page 58 “It has always surprised me that Edward was the “perfect man”. To me he’s a person filled with anger, it’s worries me a bit.” Robert Pattinson.







I’m not translating the last 2 pages as they are more about idols and how people see them than New Moon or Rob.


Source (For scans) thanks to auntapey for the tip!

New Moon trailer in English!   53 comments

Watch it now!

Audio is not as good on this one


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