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Here’s another new vid I made today. This one is in French for my French gals. I’ve been thinking about making a video in French for a while now because there aren’t many out there.

All pics are from the Remember Me set.

Music: Les Étoiles Filantes – Les Cowboys Fringants



Posted August 30, 2009 by justfp in My videos, Robert Pattinson

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13 responses to “Another new vid

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  1. Loved it, Thank u so much for the mention 😉 Non mais c’est vrai ce que je t’avais dit: il n’y a pas de français assez fan pour faire des vidéos de ton niveau!!
    And I know he will be much more than a shooting star, because he is THAT talented!

  2. Bon! Tres Jolie l’homme. Sorry for butchering the French language, haven’t had the opportunity to use it since high school! Love the music and the video. Thanks

  3. yay!! You always have the perfect song for each video =) =) and Les Cowboys + Rob = Always winner! :):)

    • Elle est bonne cette chanson la. Je pense que c’est une des seules des Cowboys que j’aime apart “Plus rien” Je trippe pas ben, ben Cowboys Fringants.

  4. C’est tres bien! Rappelez-vous moi Rob est chaud….LOL je pense je parle francais…ummm….like a 2 year old…maybe worse

    • LOL. Not bad, not bad at all. Except you can’t say “chaud” to mean hot in French lol. Here in Quebec when we say someone is “chaud” it means they’re hammered lol.

      • oh wait…maybe thats better!…or not…i read too much FF LOL Maybe the thought of hammered and rob has my original french comment all fuzzy now. How DO you say a guy is hot?

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