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Full "Ask Rob" Remember Me Interview   2 comments

Here is the full version of the “Ask Rob” Remember Me Interview pieced together by TwiBritney Fan

Source: TwiBritneyFan

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Full Pic – Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine – Belgium   20 comments

Here is the complete pic pieced together by Maria. Thank you so much babe! I made a retouched one too as well as a black & white and sepia version. Enjoy!


Retouched versions after the jump!

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Rob’s music   5 comments

Since we’re delving into music this morning, I thought I’d do a Rob music post. MyRobPattinson will be opening a site soon for Rob’s music. I can’t wait to see it. You’ll be able to find it here.

Yesterday she was asking if people knew which brand and model of guitar Rob played. If any of you know could you please let one of us know?

I’m a big fan of Rob’s music, my favourite song is I was Broken which was written by Marcus Foster. What better way to start the morning than with Rob’s music? So here are Rob’s songs. The only vid I made in these is the “I was Broken” one. Enjoy!

Rob playing the piano

I was Broken

Let me sign

Let me sign – Full version

More vids after the jump!

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Full New Moon trailer in French with my French/English translation   64 comments

Watch it now before it gets pulled!

Transcript by me, I did it really fast so didn’t really check it over:

(Starting at the beginning of the trailer)

Jacob: Has anyone ever shared a secret with you that you had to share with no one.

Jacob: New Moon is much more complexe than Twilight.

Edward: I’m leaving, you’ll never see me again.

Jacob: Edward’s leaving makes Bella deeply depressive and Jacob becomes the friend on whom she can always rely.

Jacob: I know what he made you suffer, Bella, I’ll never make you suffer. I swear.

Bella: You know you’re beautiful?

Jacob: Jacob has changed in many ways and is physically much stronger, he put on at least 14 kilos.

Bella: Be careful those things are really heavy.

Jacob: As time passes you can feel the passion growing. New Moon will really bring it up to a whole new level. There’s more action in this movie especially with the intervention of the  wolf pack. I think fans will be really satisfied.

Jacob: New Moon is great. The suspense grows from the beginning to the end.

Jacob: Avoid contradicting me.

Thanks VampireFreak101 for the tip!