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Since we’re delving into music this morning, I thought I’d do a Rob music post. MyRobPattinson will be opening a site soon for Rob’s music. I can’t wait to see it. You’ll be able to find it here.

Yesterday she was asking if people knew which brand and model of guitar Rob played. If any of you know could you please let one of us know?

I’m a big fan of Rob’s music, my favourite song is I was Broken which was written by Marcus Foster. What better way to start the morning than with Rob’s music? So here are Rob’s songs. The only vid I made in these is the “I was Broken” one. Enjoy!

Rob playing the piano

I was Broken

Let me sign

Let me sign – Full version

More vids after the jump!

Never think

I don’t mind

In your head

To roam

I’ll be your lover, too

Stray dogs

Chokin’ on dust (How to Be)




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  2. my fav is I Am Broken too!!! that’s what led me to meet Rob see? I chose Marcus over Bobby because of I Am Broken…I couldn’t see all 4 nights of their shows so Marcus won cuz of the song…and I met Rob!… told me to shut up about that didn’t you? *pouting*

  3. my favorite is i was broken. i would give all i have to see him sing that live. i love him so much.

  4. If this man stopped making movies tomorrow I will still be a fan because of his music. And yes, the fact that he is pretty has nothing to do with it. I became a fan when I heard ‘Let me sign’ the first time in the theater of the unknown musician and the voice !!!

    Googled and found it was Rob. Made me love him even more !

    Made me a believer

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