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More Info About Robert Pattinson Playing Renesemee’s Lullaby in Breaking Dawn Part II

In January Carter Burwell confirmed both on Twitter and his official website that Robert Pattinson would be shown playing Renesemee’s lullaby on the piano in Breaking Dawn Part II. 

Today Jack_Morrissey made a few comments on Twitter regarding Rob playing the song. See his tweets below. 



Robert Pattinson to Play “Renesmee’s Lullaby” in Breaking Dawn

Carter Burwell confirmed that he had written “Renesmee’s Lullaby” for Breaking Dawn and that Robert Pattinson would be filmed playing it. I’m assuming this means it will pretty much be like in Twilight where you can see Rob playing the piano. You can see his tweet below. The twitter account was confirmed by TwiExaminer (Thanks Amanda!)


Carter Burwell : “Just wrote “Renesmee’s Lullaby”. Rob Pattinson will play it on camera this week.”

TwiExaminer: Yep @CarterBurwell has been confirmed as legitimate. Follow follow this wonderful composer!

Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair Wallpapers

Awesome Robert Vanity Fair Wallpapers done by Adoring KStew


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New Robert Pattinson wallpaper

I absolutely love this! Another great wallpaper made by DreamySim1


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Pics of Robert Pattinson during the making of Twilight – Part 1

Remember the pics (screencaps) I found a week or so ago of Rob during the making of Twilight? Well I found more. There’s quite a few pics so this will be a 3 part post. I had never seen most of these.


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Pics of Rob playing music

Sticking with my theme this morning, so here are some pics of Rob playing the guitar, the piano and singing.


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Could this possibly be Rob’s composition for Twilight?

Update: Thank you all for your answers. They are not Rob’s compositions. I removed the files from Youtube not to mislead people.

A while back I received a zip file with all of Rob’s songs on it. To my surprise there were two piano songs. One was titled Bella’s Song and the other was called Esme’s Favorite which turned out to be Star Salzman – Long Night . Could the other be the one Rob composed for Twilight? I don’t know. Is it even Rob playing? I don’t know either. If someone out there knows, I would really like to know. I’ve asked people who play the piano if they’ve ever heard this song before and they’ve told me that they hadn’t. Nevertheless it’s a great song. Here it is, I didn’t do a fancy video, just the music. 

Thanks to AlexxuPsycho for letting me know that the second one was Star Salzman – Long Night. I deleted it from Youtube as I don’t want to mislead people 🙂

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