More Info About Robert Pattinson Playing Renesemee’s Lullaby in Breaking Dawn Part II   7 comments

In January Carter Burwell confirmed both on Twitter and his official website that Robert Pattinson would be shown playing Renesemee’s lullaby on the piano in Breaking Dawn Part II. 

Today Jack_Morrissey made a few comments on Twitter regarding Rob playing the song. See his tweets below. 



7 responses to “More Info About Robert Pattinson Playing Renesemee’s Lullaby in Breaking Dawn Part II

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  1. oh i can’t wait for this in the movie!!!! i hope the version of Rob playing will be on the soundtrack!!!!

  2. Soo excited can’t wait to see the movie!! rob is going to be soo good! he’s such a talented musician!!

  3. It should be Rob’s own song….his own music is much more melodic than Burwell’s. That was proven in Twilight, but I am happy that Rob is playing the piano in the movie. I hope one day we.ll get to see and hear him play his music all the time, and anytime! Of course Rob “picked it up quickly”he is a trained musician, DA!

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  5. yes that will be great i really love rob’s music, so yeah i can’t wait!

  6. If this is true, then this movie is gonna be epic, i mean apart from everything else, but Rob at the piano …amazing stuff !!!

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