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Kellan Jokes About Rob in Interview   2 comments

Kellan Lutz jokes about Robert Pattinson

Kellan tells LA Times he learned guitar from Rob and Jackson

“I got a couple of books and some iPad apps, but I get to work with Rob and Jackson [Rathbone] on all these movies, who are brilliant musicians,” he said. “I get to learn from talented people.”

Pattinson has been strumming and crooning for quite some time, even contributing some music to the first “Twilight” film. Rathbone is in the band 100 Monkeys.

Still, don’t hold your breath for “Twilight: The Musical.”

“I can’t sing for crap,” Lutz said, “but I enjoy picking up hobbies.”

And jokes about Rob while talking about his new fashion line (via E!Online)

We chatted with the actor-turned-fashionisto at last night’s WWE SummerSlam Party and eventually talk turned to his new line, The Abbot + Main. So can we expect to see his costarRobby rockin’ the designer duds?

“Rob and I were talking about doing a clothing line together!” Kellan surprised reporters by revealing.

Come again, Lutzy? It’s hard for us to imagine R.Pattz spending his type putting together his fall line.

“He didn’t know I was doing mine,” Kellan explained before reenacting this convo (complete with a fake R.Pattz’s accent, of course): “He’s like ‘I should do one’ and I’m like ‘Oh’. And he found out I was doing one and he’s like ‘Really?’ It was really funny. He wants to do one too.”

But while former model Kellan went all Venice Beach chic for his collection, what would Rob’s be like?

Kellan jokes, “What’d we call it, we called it ‘Rags by Rob’ or something, because he’s always so like, I don’t know…hipster.”


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Another Detagged Breaking Dawn Still From EW   3 comments

I detagged another Breaking Dawn still for you guys. 

Click to make bigger 

Black & white after the jump! 

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Great Robert Pattinson Pic Edits   1 comment

Here are amazing Rob pic edits made by Jules

See more after the jump!

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants in Joy Magazine – Slovenia   1 comment

Here’s a scan of Rob and WFE in Joy magazine

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