New/Old picture of Robert Pattinson with hair extensions for Twilight   29 comments


Source: RP Life

29 responses to “New/Old picture of Robert Pattinson with hair extensions for Twilight

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  1. OMG!! LMAO It’s really hot!!!

  2. That is wrong in so many ways.

  3. Bless him, his face says it all.

    He fought the right battle on this one.

  4. I think he looks hot…

  5. It’s an old pic, aren’t extensions! This is his hair!

  6. Remember how they had that petition going around with the picture of him in Ring of Nieberlings(sp)? Well he would have looked like that character for sure and those Twi-hards would have been right.

    I’m soooo glad Rob fought that and had them take them out! I love that he takes a stand against The Man and is not afraid to show some balls! Makes me love him even more for this. He has a bit of an asshole in him that is endearing to me!

  7. I have a fever and am hallucinating right? Please say yes to this questions.

  8. Well, we have a consolation prize of chicken soup and orange juice…..

  9. so wait…we DONT know if these r extensions or real hair, right? how can it be real tho? dont we all have a robtimeline implanted in our brain? my brain implant isn’t pulling up a time period where he had his personal hair that length…was Rings of N!(#$&#$ extensions? *going back to the lab to robstigate on her own*

  10. is it weird that i love him in that jumper…i know its no Vodka Shirt [hmm]…but he’s probably the only guy in his 20s [or any age!?] that can pull off [yes please!] an old fishermans jumper!

    it must be extensions…his hair is alot thicker than that, and is a slightly diff colour…How to Be anyone!?

    Whos the other fella?

  11. It does suit him but im glad he put his foot down n said no! Edward wudnt b the same! Rob is hot!!

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