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Favorite Remember Me Quotes & More   1 comment

I did a round-up of all the Remember Me quote you guys posted in this post here. I also added a few new ones.

Tyler quotes

“And you’re just so… tragically blind that you think the rest of your children are just gonna hang themselves…”

“It was me and Michael’s place. We used to go there for break fast all the time. Probably not as many times as I think we did, but enough. We went there on the morning… that was the last place I saw him.”

“You have a daughter who sincerely believes that you don’t like her. I mean shes trying to communicate, shes speaking, but why aren’t you listening? I mean, why aren’t you riveted? Why is this not the most important thing for one night!”

“Nineteen? Teens, I can do teens.“

“Did you lie to me? That hurts, I’m wounded.”

“Guess it was just there to tease me”

“You know what day I’m staring at, Michael. By 22, Ghandi had 3 kids; Motzart, 37 symphonies; and Buddy Holly was dead.”

“Michael, Caroline asked me what I would say if I knew you could hear me. I said I do know: I love you. God, I miss you. And I forgive you.”

“So, dessert first in case of asteroids, yes. But kissing a guy you seem at least some what attracted to before riding off into the unknown New York night along side a panda you’ve only just met, no?”

“What ever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it. Because nobody else will. Like when some one comes into your life and half of you says you’re nowhere near ready, but the other half says: make her yours forever.”

“You once told me, our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch. Is that true for every body, or is it just poetic bullshit?”

“Michael was 23. All 23-year-olds drink ’cause it’s new and exciting. Aunt Sara drinks ’cause she wishes she was 23.”

“No, we don’t have enough closet space for that.”

Aidan quotes:

“It must be nice living at the bookstore, by yourself, with all your stacks of books. But, you see, I actually plan on having a career, and a wife, and a girlfriend, and a… and a divorce, and a mid-life stalking episode, and an erectile dysfunction.”

“I’ve only seen him look at one other girl like that and she’s alot shorter and shares his DNA”.

“That’s why chicks dig you, man. They love this freaky, poetic crap.”

“I’ve had enough of this brooding introvert shit! I’m ready to set up an intervention.”

“I’ve planted my flag in every continent.”

Ally quotes:

“Your middle name is Keets? God, your parents are pretentious!”

“What if I choke? What if an asteroid come hurling down onto the restaurant?… I’ll tell you what, if you swear on your eternal soul that I’ll make it through my entree, then I’ll wait. But before you answer, consider that if something does happen, you’ll have to live the rest of your life knowing that not only did you lie to me, but you denied of my one last indulgence. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility?”

“Huh. So, this is the whole playful ‘you get me all wet’ part, right? It is cheap. I’ve seen this scene a hundred times. You know what never happens in this scene though? Tyler, who doesn’t really go to school? Tyler, who doesn’t care about his job?”[lifts up the pot of spaghetti and dumps it on Tyler]


Caroline: [walking on the benches] So are you going to come to the art show?
Tyler: [sitting on his bike] No.
Tyler: Abso-freakin-lutely! Of course I’ll come.

Charles: Could do worse than have a father who bails you out of jail.
Tyler:  I don’t wanna be bailed out of anything.

Ally Craig: My dad just doesn’t know what’s going on right now.
Tyler: What’s going on right now?

Charles: She knows I’ll take care of her.That’s all there is, Tyler.
Tyler: ‘That’s all there is?’ Not enough.

Aidan Hall: Come on! Just one drink!
Tyler: When was the last time you had one drink?
Aidan Hall: [thinks] communion.

Ally Craig: I have my dessert first.
Tyler: Is that a political statement? A medical condition, perhaps?

Ally Craig: You go there to write to him?
Tyler: I just wanted to tell someone about you.

Tyler: Did you just say nihilistic?
Aidan Hall: Yeah, alright? I got it off a cereal box.

Ally Craig: You’re the ass-aholic!
Aidan Hall: Yeah, well… I dunno about – Wait, what?

Aidan Hall: That sale inspired our newest business venture. The S.L.U.T. It’s a Single Lady’s Universal Tote. It’s a one-night-stand travel pack for women. You know? We throw in make-up and toiletries a cell phone charger, cab numbers… We retail it for $19.95. Maybe we’d do an infomercial.
Tyler: Do you think women will buy this, with actual money?
Aidan Hall: Okay. Yeah. You know what? Fine. Be cynical. But think about it, at one point in history, two people had a conversation, a lot like this one about the lightbulb. One went on to fame and fortune, the other probably went to work at Mickey D’s or something.

Some of these quotes came from the Remember IMDB page.

My Remember Me fanmade trailer   74 comments

*There are no major spoilers in this trailer although there are some quotes from the script*

When Cullen Boys Anonymous and JustChristy asked me to do a Remember Me trailer, I had no clue how I was going to pull this one off. First of, all there’s not a lot of good footage available out there, secondly, the footage that was good enough to use didn’t convey the emotion I wanted to bring to the trailer. Another issue was that there are no clips of Rob speaking in Remember me, therefore I didn’t have any audio.

I thought about it for a few days. Turned the idea over and over in my head. I played around, tried a few things. In the end the only thing that would work was using quotes and pics I had. I came up with the taglines as there aren’t any yet, to my knowledge, for Remember Me.

It’s a slow paced trailer. Since I was using pics and quotes I had to make it longer. I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.

Please don’t post spoilers in the comments for those who haven’t read the script.