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Oliver Irwing, the Director of How to Be, gives Twilight Examiner an exclusive interview   11 comments


Oliver Irwing gave an exclusive interview to Kimberly Sherman over at Twilight Examiner.

Here are the parts of the interview pertaining to Rob:

How was Robert Pattinson chosen for the role of Art? Did his musical ability play a role in his casting?
We found him after a year and a half’s worth of casting calls. He just seemed the right person for the job. He was interesting to look at – but down to earth enough to play the part. He really seemed to “get it” – he knew people like the characters in the script, and understood the main character ‘ART’. Not having gone through drama school, Rob’s acting and response to direction fit in well with other main cast members who were not trained actors either. Rob actually underplayed his musical ability in the auditions, as he knew the character was meant to be rough around the edges when it comes to musical ability – but it actually was invaluable in the end that he understood the music references and had the technical ability to pull off what we were asking from him.

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Robert Pattinson driving Vancouver Crazy as Twilight hysteria spills over   1 comment


According to this latest article in the Vancouver Sun,  Twilight hysteria is spilling over in Vancouver. I’m Canadian and live in a highly touristic city, we’ve seen many stars here as well and it is true that they are very rarely hasseled. A star can walk down the street without being approached.

Article from the Vancouver Sun (I skipped the parts about Zac Efron but you can check them out here) :

VANCOUVER — Hollywood North is on the verge of losing its reputation for cool.

Vancouver has seen stars aplenty since the city graduated into one of North America’s film and television centres. A-listers such as Sean Penn and Robert De Niro are seen walking down the street and dining without bodyguards. Heck, Goldie and Kurt felt so comfortable they bought a house here some years ago.

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Robert Pattinson on People Magazine’s Best Dressed list   7 comments


The year may not be over yet, but People is already naming its Best and Worst Dressed celebrities of the 2009. Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Vanessa Hudgens are among the women receiving kudos for their various contributions to the world of style.

Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper are among the guys noted for their dashing sense of style.

See full article here. Thanks to ROBsessed for the tip!

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We’re looking for Remember Me videos   13 comments

robert pattinson 3 300609

Sending a shout out to all who read the blog. We’re looking for untagged, good quality, if possible videos of Rob on the set of Remember Me. Not fan vids. We have a project in mind but we’ll be revealing it later 😉

So if you do have any vids from the set or know where we can find some please leave us a note in the comments or e-mail use

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Black & white pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Remember Me   4 comments

I’ve been playing around with some pics again. As you might know, the pics of Rob on the set of Remember Me are some of my favourites pics, so chances are you’ll be seeing many Remember Me retouched pics in the coming weeks.

RM_set_30_8882 (2)

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Eclipse fanmade trailer   2 comments

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