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Another new video   22 comments

I guess I’ve been in a video making mood lately. So here’s another one for you. I’ve been thinking that Rob hasn’t been home in ages. I can’t even imagine what it feels like for him, living out of hotels for the past 9 months. He must his family and friends. So here’s a video based on that.

Daughtry – Home (Acoustic)


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Our daily dose of black & white pics   7 comments

I love these. Corrina did a great job as always.


More pics after the jump!

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I’m bored and this is what you get   12 comments

You know what happens when I’m bored right? I start looking for old pics for you guys. Since I didn’t have a specific theme in mind this morning, well this is what you get, all sorts of pics mixed together.

Where’s Waldo? 😉


More pics after the jump!

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Vote for Robert Pattinson in Spike TV’s Scream Awards!   1 comment


Rob is up for Best Fantasy Actor, Breakout Performance, The Ultimate Scream, and Best Ensemble, all for Twilight.

Vote for Rob and the rest of the Twilight cast here.

Thanks for the tip, ROBsessed!

Black & white pic of Robert Pattinson from the photoshoot for Premiere Magazine   3 comments

Thanks to the lovely Corrina 🙂


Source: Corrina Spencer

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Setting the record straight – RP Life should not be getting the blame guys   4 comments

I was set to go to bed, but I need to set the record straight before I do. Robert Pattinson Life did not steal my translation or do anything wrong. It got to the point where RP Life felt so bad they pulled the translation. I don’t think it’s fair that RP Life got blamed for all of this and that they had to pull the translation from their site. Everyone has it up, why shouldn’t they have it up as well? So please guys, TedC made a mistake and sourced wrong. The error has been fixed. Please don’t blame RP Life. I have personally asked RP Life to put the scans back up. I hope they will. I want to personally apologize to RP Life for this, they should have never been caught in the crossfire between ToR and TedC. They do a great job at running their blog.



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