I’m bored and this is what you get   12 comments

You know what happens when I’m bored right? I start looking for old pics for you guys. Since I didn’t have a specific theme in mind this morning, well this is what you get, all sorts of pics mixed together.

Where’s Waldo? 😉


More pics after the jump!

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12 responses to “I’m bored and this is what you get

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  1. Our minds are fading fast…LOL ❤

  2. Is it just me, or was Rob impossibly easy to pick out of that classroom picture. Already brooding!

  3. …don’t get me wrong, but you getting bored over there is the best what could have happend here in the afternoon – sitting on our balcony with some friends, 30°C´,… – trust me, not only the sun is smiling right now… 😉 Greetings from Bavaria

  4. I saw pic of Rob was at school, seem he doesnt enjoyed being in such situation
    I mean with uniform and all the manner bored things….hahaha

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  6. Hahahaaaa… so cute, even as a child… the only one in the group that was not smiling for the camera

  7. Lots O’Random pics of Rob. Nothing is better than Rondom Pics of Rob!

    Pre-Zygote Rob is such a little cutie, too.

    Take a rest a get to feeling better.

  8. love this! it’s going in my Rob Drought File right now!

  9. Awwwwww…So Cute !!

    FP, somehow lusting after him seems so wrong now especially when I have children that age !!!

    And look at his hair !!


    Made me a believer
  10. OMG, he’s the ONLY one not smiling in that class photo. Too funny Rob! 🙂

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